Another veteran import receiver / how to handle banned members

The Ticats could very well go with 9 national starters if Westerman starts at DE and we go with a National running back.
My thought is then go with an all import receiving corps by picking up a solid veteran receiver who is available as a free agent and thus likely available at a very reduced price at this time:
We could go try to sign one of the following…what say you ?

Weslon Dressler
Adarius Bowman
Alfred Jackson
Terrence Tolliver
Chris Williams.

I think any one of these guy would make for a great 5th import receivee on this team.

So would Acklin. No need at this time for a different FA when we have a young receiver in camp that has done well.

And here is hoping our veteran depth will be Jalen Saunders when he heals up.

First two are past their "best before date" Williams is probably still injured and I have not idea who Jackson is (you don't mean Ernest?) Tolliver is the only one I would even consider but the team has already moved on from him for a good reason I'm sure. And as pointed out above, they already have Acklin if they really wanted to go with another international. There is nothing wrong with Mike Jones starting - made some great catches last year, has some size and speed.

I would sooner look at some of the other teams cuts. I would bet some quality prospects got released since there are only so many receiver spots on a roster.

Who wouldn't want to sign an Alfred Jackson ? The man last played for the Argos as recently as in the 2003 season and is only 51 yrs old . Ya never know , might just have some gas left in the tank . Besides I hear through the grapevine that Ken Barker is a big fan of his . ;D ::slight_smile: Oh , and before I forget and not to change the subject or nothing but just wondering on if you've heard anything more about when James Wilder is going to be signed by the Cats ? Asking for a friend . ??? ::slight_smile:

Just think about it folks

At the very least signing a guy like Alfred "Action" Jackson would bring some Grey Cup experience to the team having won it all with the Lions back in 2000 only a mere 19 yrs ago . 8)

You are the man Bobo?

Post of the week so far!!

I felt bad when I read in a (now-locked) thread about a permanent ban for a former poster. I never wanted to see anyone banned. Especially as they progress on their transition from super-masculine names with “big” and “bear” in them, to a neutral one like “oskie,” and now finally an openly feminine name. I think we should support people on such a brave individual journey which is still outside of accepted norms. It cannot be easy to break with society’s expectations and be so open about one’s true identity.

Here’s a tip JennyCat or Gerbear or whatever other name you might go by… at least try changing your sentence structure, and stop using the same mantras constantly.

With all due respect… you would be a horrible spy.

Another user name and another chance.
I have enjoyed many-many of the posts from Gear Bear Wee Wee over the years and his thoughts on the team.

He takes a lot of good natured ribbing and having him a part of the forum community increases my entertainment level.

Lets hope the new and perhaps gentler Jenny sticks to what he/she does best and avoids getting into the weeds and just brings the positive passion.

I don’t agree with some of his ideas but you can tell how much he loves the Cats by the effort and thought that he puts into his posts.

So what’s the problem here?

The guy eventually lashes out because of constant provocation and bullying. Who wouldn’t react like that after a while? Everytime he gets a new handle he comes in here without prejudice to passionately discuss the Cats. Yet without fail after a few posts he ends up getting mocked like a red-headed stepchild.

This is where the mods are amateurs. Blaming and banning the victim instead of finding out what’s really going on. Hey Mods how about sending personal messages to all partys involved and attempt to mediate the situation instead of just banning Gerbear in name only. Him popping up with a new name every couple of weeks has become a complete joke in here. He shouldn’t even have to do it.

Nor, according to the forum rules, should he be allowed to do it:

One Member, One Account:If a member is using multiple accounts, all accounts will be banned. If an individual has been banned and it has been determined that that member has returned under another username, that individual will be banned again. If a member has been suspended (temporarily banned) and tries to get around the temporary ban by re-registering using another name that individual’s new registered name and the original username will be permanently banned.

If in the opinion of a moderator your post breaks one of the above rules, your post will be modified or removed, and if multiple infractions occur, a timed ban of one week or longer will be enacted.

And any poster who has threatened physical violence should be BANNED FOREVER. No excuses. He did it. He’s now using a VPN to hide his IP (the only METHOD I KNOW to ban someone forever) and so by creating new profiles in combination with a VPN I don’t believe that the mods have a way to keep him off this board. At some point the mods will just give up. It’s a thankless job especially dealing with the same obnoxious posters.

He clearly has no regard for the wishes of the people who run this forum. They obviously don’t want him here, yet he forces himself in here anyway. Like a guest at a party that refuses to leave.

Challenging with crafty discussion is NOT what you do. The condescending eye rolling act is getting old.

Why don’t you go back and re-read how you interacted and responded to Gerbear’s posts.

If you think you treated him fairly then you win the Oscar for the most self-righteous act of the year.

OK - Here is the deal:

Ordinarily, I would not make public the details behind someone being banned from the site but I think this situation warrants an explanation.

Gerbear was banned for threatening another poster with actual physical violence in a PM to another member. That threat was reported to the mods. The mods discussed it and it was agreed this warranted a full ban.

Gerbear reappeared as OskieG and began posting again (same IPs, same content, tone and style of writing). The more experienced mods told me that this had happened in the past and that some members had come back, apologized, and been accepted back. Members here made an issue of Gerbear’s return so I blocked OskieG from posting but offered him a path back to full membership - apologize for the threat. I did not have a response to that message. So now he appears to be back as Jenny (sp?).

My take on this is that we can’t have people threatening each other, getting banned, and just coming back with a new email. That undermines the whole point of the rules. So, I do not know that all three are one in the same person, but the IPs are close enough etc. that I think it is the same guy.

Was Gerbear goaded and trolled - I think he was. Does he love the Cats - absolutely. OskieG and Jenny have been model members so I know he’s capable of regulating himself and probably regrets losing his cool.

As Niagaraguy wisely put to me in an unrelated message, we are all Ti-Cat fans so why can’t we get along?

My suggestion to Gerbear/Oskie/Jenny is contact one of the mods - be ready to apologize and I think the member you PM’d will accept that apology and we can all move on.

Condescending behavior or not... it doesn't warrant threats of violence.

Also… I would like to commend the mods here - especially guelphcatsfan - for being such good and tolerant people. You have to be to be a mod.

Much respect to you, guelphcatsfan!

Finally. Somebody actually gets it and has proposed a solution.

Post of the year Candidate? :wink:

But seriously, thanks for the kind words. We should have dealt with this more quickly in the off-season and I hope we can get this resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.