Another Vet Released

According to the National Post, punishing db Kenny Wheaton has been cut adrift by the Argos. One of the few Argo defenders who played well last season. At 33, I think he could still have some hits left in him.

Oh how I long for the Argo defences from earlier this decade.

Still one of the better DB's in the league, when healthy. But youth must be served and the salary cap of course.

Ha, another Veteran D man for Hamilton to pick up without having to trade! Hamilton's gonna have a great team without having to trade anything! Not even future prospects! So far Edm., Sask., TO and B.C. that I know of must be so swelled with talent that they don't care.

I'm sorry to see him go. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him.

Do you think Obie will sign Wheaton? I just don't see that happening.

CHTV in Hamilton just reported that Obie has zero interest in signing Wheaton.

I see your point, the topic above is debatable, and however, I am in your corner. Pallet Racking

Ok, so now months after Kenny Wheaton being released, Hamilton still hasn't picked him up yet. Clearly, he's not the asset that everyone thinks :wink:

LOL well Kenny was a great player, but despite his hard-hitting ability and ability to make picks, he was getting up in years and was noticeably slower than what you'd ideally want from a Safety. I think Will Poole, based on the numbers he put up in the last few games of last season, should have a good chance to make an impact this season.