Another uniform thread...

An update - just for those who think there's no need for this! Guess what? The GM ain't grabbing input from this site as far as personnel goes... so we might as well have fun here!

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I like them all.

You did a terrific job of capturing an updated retro look.

More doodlin!

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Get rid of the stripes from the armpits down to the waist and I think it's perfect......nice work.. 8)

I just don't like the "uni-stripe" thing....

see if you can show us what that would look like......thanks...

Made the change, Mikey! Plus a few more... just messin' with it... I truly believe that if we had a game or two in those retro outfits it would be a huge hit!
Those BoxJBoys looked great in their striped sleeve tops on CBC!

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Love the 60s-80s look. We should go back to the gold numbers for the regular home jersey though! Why did we go to Steeler white numbers anyway???

Point of fact re: Go retro not yellow, in the images you have created. In the 1950s, the Tiger-Cats had all gold uniforms (not winnipeg gold, but the tiger cat gold of the 60s pants), so "yellow" is retro too. It would be great to see a game between Toronto all in Blue and Hamiton all in gold, both with retro uniforms. (And as a 5th! jersey, something from the 20-30s with gold and black stripes or hoops!).

I'm confused. Is the uniform thread we are referring to polyester or cotton?


I think they're cheatwood or cotton.

You should try to do ALL the teams.

The team has better things to do than spend money on new uniforms.

Thanks for that!...I really like the first option you have on there now..... Very good!