Another Trade Coming !!

8) According to Rick Zamperin on his sports show this morning, the apparent deal with Moreno and Canada is on hold right now because of Canada's apparent injury.
 Zamperin says that Obie and Taman are now apparently working on another trade involving different players from both teams.

 Let the rumours now begin  !!

 The soap opera continues  !!              <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->


I think at the end of this we better come out with Gavin Walls or Dan Goodspeed. This fills one of our two biggest needs. I personally hope it's Walls, I have been a fan of his since he made his way north.

What did Jim 'Shakey' Hunt used to say?

Things that amuse in confuse in the
wild and wonderful world of sports?

September 08, 2008 Ken Peters blog

Moreno/Canada swap takes a messy twist

There's been a weird twist in
the Moreno/Canada trade scenario.

Not only is Tom Canada still refusing to
report to Hamilton but the latest word is

that he has been diagnosed
as having a ruptured spleen

and as such is[i] headed

to Winnipeg's nine-game injury list
and is done for the season[/i].

What's more is that Zeke Moreno
is already in Winnipeg and is

spending the night in a hotel there

in anticipation that his trade
was going to go through.

Late word last night was
that the trade was on-hold.

Hamilton GM Bob O'Billovich and Winnipeg GM
Brendan Taman were apparently

burning up the telephone wires
trying to save the trade

by coming up with another Winnipeg starter
that would be suitable for Hamilton.

Gavin Walls? Terrence Edwards?

Or maybe a third team gets involved
in a possible three-way swap.

In any case this whole thing is a mess.

And maybe the trade falls through
and Moreno has to get back on a plane

and come back to Hamilton.

That would be messy and awkward too.

Stay tuned.

We haven't heard the last of this one.


hmmm a 3 way trade could be a possibility, i think T.O would want to get involved, Saskatchewan? they have some injuries to address…they needed a dramatic 4th quarter comeback to beat the bombers

8) There is no way that Moreno will be coming back to the Cats now. It appears that he couldn't wait to get out of here judging by the fact that he flew immediately to Winnipeg !!
 As was mentioned by someone else, maybe Zeke demanded a trade, just to get out of here  !!

 It's too much of a coincidence that he is gone from here, just a couple of hours after Charlie is fired  !!

 This whole scenario could get even uglier before it is over.                   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

I heard a radio interview with Tom Canada on CJOB last night. All I can say is the guy is a real nutcase. He needs some help of the mental variety.

Please don't Insult the Mentally Ill
we don't like the word Nutcase..
Canada is just unstable
The Mentally Ill can be helped.
Canada Can't

We'll miss ya Zeke.


(looks left...looks right)


Tipper, do you think that maybe Zeke was being the PROFESSIONAL that he is, and reporting to his new team in a promt manner?

Wouldnt promt be gather your things etc a few hrs and your there type thing means he wanted out asap. usually players take a day to gather belongings clean out their locker and tie up loose ends around this area. the fact he is there before the traded has even been completed very possibly means something is up.

man we could use one of there o line man with maybe a WR/SB, i think these trades r good it shakes things up we werent getting the job done soo maybe with the right touch with some new ppl things could turn around!!!!

It looks like the Bombers are giving us Armstead and Chang for Zeke!!!

...Zeke will be a way or the other....and yes he is in a motel somewhere in the Peg waiting to get the word the trade has gone through....or some other trade will take its place....either way Zeke is a Bomber...waiting to hit the practice field as soon as possible ..... ANYWAY...Thank Obie for Moreno for us....this guy ROCKS... :rockin:

The Bomber's will not trade Gavin Walls.

Whoever else is all good.

not bad. :thup:

The reason why he was there was probably a condition of his trade ever think of that..I mean when Players are traded it generally falls on the teams to make arrangements for travel.

So the reason he is there is because the Ti-Cats sent him early.

Zeke may still be back wearing the black and gold because I personally believe that despite what everyone says "Zeke must feel unwanted" I am sure it's nothing like that they attempted to trade a strength to address a weakness if I was a pro athlete I would see it as nothing more nothing less

No disloyalty no ill will...nothing...people are reading far too much into it.

The riders may give up part of the house to get Chris Bowman. One or 2 good players and a 1at round pick?

8) I don't think so sigpig. If the real story were to ever come out, I would bet that Zeke demanded a trade as soon as he found out that Charlie was fired !!
 Nobody gets out of town that fast, without even making a comment or saying bye bye to his teammates, the fans, or the media  !!!

 Don't you think that Obie should have taken the time to talk to Canada, to make sure he did want to come here, before making this immediate trade ??  It all happened much too quickly for my likeing  !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->