Another Thursday night game...WHY???

Nine home games (not eighty-one like we have with MLB) and the Argos are playing a game on a Thursday night.


If mom/dad have to work the next day, what are the odds of anyone buying tickets and attending the game …versus a Friday or Saturday night?

Does the operator of the Rogers Center (Centre) want the Argos to move?

CFL contacts;
Tel: (416)322-9650
Fax: (416)322-9651
Attention; Mike Copeland/Matt Maychak

Rogers does not care about the Toronto Argonauts nor the Canadian Football League for that matter. If they did the Argos would get some good dates to play, and the Labour Day Game in Hamilton would have been Toronto at Hamilton.

Thank your buddys at Rogers !!! :thdn:

Name: Rogers Communications Inc, Corporate Head Office
Street: 333 Bloor Street East
Toronto, on M4W1G9
Phone: (416) 935-7777

Did you guys see the backdrop (seating visual) for last Thursday's game against the Riders between plays?

I've seen more fans at a Barcelona Dragons/Scottish Claymores game.

Would BMO Field be a better site for Argo home games? It says it seats 20,000 fans. Treat it like a McGill situation with plans to add another deck of seats skyward that is close to the field instead of far away like the Rogers Centre?

[b]Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) screwed the Argos also, BMO field is too shorts, approximently 20 yards which means the enzones would only be 10 yards, like the "No Fun League". They did this on purpose so Canadian football can not be played there !![/ :thdn:

:twisted: :oops: Thanks MLSE[/b] :? :( :o :cry: :roll: :o :x