Another Stamp retiree

Another one bites the dust.This time N/I OL and former Bomber 6th round pick Matt Sheridan is calling it a day.
Hopefully now this will prompt Calgary to make a move for Zac Carlson :lol:
Somehow I still doubt it though.

…a wise decision for Matt, and by retiring he stays on our neg list…

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Wow, he weighed 383 lbs? Yikes. That’s big even for a CFL O-lineman.

I don't know what the guy was thinking showing up at that weight.

Now he'll head back to the Peg to try to get himself in playing shape.

What the heck was he doing all off season ?

Nice commitment Matty.

big question here is, do the Stamps have a good O-Line?

...we shall see, there is no certainty of it at this point, the first few games will be critical to see which way that O-line goes...

It should be the key to your guys' season methinks, Red. Losing three studs off the O-line is cause for concern. If the replacements aren't up to the job, it'll make things tough for Reynolds and the running game, and also make things tough for Burris in the passing game.