Another sports related example of Toronto centre of the universe thinking

so over on CBC, they are talking about the conservative vote and how it has been delayed for about 4hrs. They are encouraging viewers to continue watching. The one lady says, the raptors game is over and what else are you going to do on a sunday night. Meanwhile, CBC has the Canucks game scheduled for 10:30 eastern. Well duhhh. Thank God for tsn and sn.

I'll tell you what I'm doing on a Sunday night. Set up a TV in my garage and am watching the Bruins spank the Lightning.

great game, but whats next for you

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Yeah FYB, seems hockey is losing out in Canada to the Raptors "phenomena" of Toronto. Weird stuff but Raps are hot stuff, is what it is.

Unfortunately bedtime. Somehow the centre of the universe will survive without me watching whatever crap they have on


I feel like I am reading in a dream here. Really now? I guess the Leafs lose, and then it's "Well, screw the NHL!" in Toronto now? What!?

Even here in Philadelphia, the Flyers draw more than do the Sixers mind you. And the Sixers just lost, and guess what? It's Monday morning and I won't be hearing even the wails. I see always more Flyers gear than I do Sixers gear here too. The Eagles gear will be out even more soon as has been the Phillies gear.

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Manufactured only hysteria here in the GTA by the media which unfortunately controls some network viewership all over Canada.


We have had the same problem here with Manhattan, New York City, New York (or nearby like ESPN) as well as with Washington DC. With internet and social media though, their clout and dominance is on the wane.

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It's too bad this same media refuses to mention the Argos every once in a while. It might get a few more people interested in the CFL.


Toronto media, much of Canadian media, likes the big major American leagues and stories often more than our own. I hope this isn't crossing the boundaries into the political arena here, just using this as an example of how Canadian media can be quite biased. Again this isn't a political expression, just an example:


The reason for Harris getting the Canadian pop is because Harris went to a high school in Montreal when her mother was a lecturer at McGill University. Harris omitted her time in Canada during the Democratic presidential race

Lewis was a casualty of the PCP virtual leadership campaign that wasn't the usual mass political event that it usually was that reduced by the pandemic

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Lewis played king maker with Sloan and will have a high place within a PC Govt if she can get elected and if they can form government next election . McKay playing a liberal in conservative clothing was his undoing .

Lewis was well liked in the WEST and had lot's of support . Don't know much about her but she seems to have grown lot's of support for someone new .

Agree with the article the CBC was not conforming with it's mandate set out .

McKay hardly Liberal ... but he did represent the now dead&buried Progressive Conservative element of the Conservative Party of Canada ... the Reform Party/Canadian Alliance elements have taken control ... may prove to be good for the party and Canada, or it may not ... only time will tell

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Nevertheless Dave the PCP leadership campaign was exactly that, choosing the next leader of the party here in Canada which is extremely important and probably impacts or could impact far more Canadians than who becomes elected in the US. And we are talking about CBC, the state broadcaster who has a responsibility to cover someone like Lewis who will not receive the amount of coverage to find information about. Harris, on the other hand, loads of easily found information on her being an American. CBC has a responsibility IMHO to focus more on Canadiana even in a documentary type sense. This is what I want my tax dollars going for to fund CBC, not regurgitating information that is so readily available in mainstream media, especially American mainstream media. That should be CBC's mandate I would say, give me information especially Canadiana information that is hard to come by on other mainstream media platforms.

This editorial nicely sums it up: