Another Sleaze Ball Argo....

Entourage star named honorary Argonaut

July 30, 2009


TORONTO -- Ari Gold an Argonaut?

Jeremy Piven, who plays a high-strung Hollywood agent on TV's "Entourage," was made an honorary member of the CFL team on Thursday. Quarterback Kerry Joseph and defensive tackle Adriano Belli presented Piven with his own jersey as cheerleaders shimmied to a welcome chant.

Belli planted a slobbery kiss on Piven's cheek as the pair posed for pictures outside the Rogers Centre.

"He's obviously a funny guy and we're glad to have him as an Argo," said Belli.

Piven said he had a huge amount of respect for the players who had made him part of the team.

"All actors are frustrated athletes," said Piven. "I wish I was playing professional football. This is as close as I'm going to get."

Piven plans to wear his deep blue Argos jersey for awhile before mounting it in a place of honour on his wall.

"It's kind of a beautiful thing. And now I'm going to become a fan," he said as he clutched the oversized jersey in both hands.

Next week Obie will sign Tony Soprano to the D-line.....

Entourage is my favourite show, i wouldnt mind Piven in double blue, i heard a position opened up can he play slotback?