Another Sign That Tom Wright Blew TV Deal

Just read that CBC in a new TV deal with the NHL is paying 100 million per season. But get this. TSN is paying roughly half that much, or 50 mil a season for six years! Thats 300 mil over 6 years folks

Meanwhile Tom Wright last year for some reason jumped at TSN's offer of 15 million a year for five years for TSN to get exclusive rights to CFL games. Which does ratings equal to what the NHL gets on TSN.

Even beter. TSN for their paltry investment gets the CFL playoffs along witht he GRey Cup and its 4 million viewers?

Something just doesn't add up here. The cFL should at least gotten 30 mil a season considering its ratings compared to hockey.
And Wright should have least got competing offers to get the price up.

Which is why when I look at the big picture, its obvious to me Tom Wright blew it big time. I say he shortchanged the leauge at least 10 million a season in TV rights.

HOw CFL owners could let a guy on the way out negotiate a TV deal that locks them in for five years is beyond me? Plain and simple, the cFL blew it big time here.

Why do you assume that because TSN payed X amount for NHL they would pay the same amount for CFL?
You dont know how the negotations went. For all you know TSN may have only wanted to pay 10 million but Wright managed to get 15 out of them

so, devide what tsn is paying per season to each league, by the number of games per season for each league tsn will be televising.

As for tv numbers for CFL being equal to NHL, I would like to see that in writing.

The ratings are in the Toronto Star on Mondays, they are very very close.This new deal would just really raise the bar for the next contract.

Berezen...I suspect Wright didn't do the deal by themselves, I suspect the BOG had a large amount of input into how to structure the deal and what they wanted.

It is still a considerably better deal than what was in place before if I am not mistaken.

While the NHL doesn't blow the CFL out of the water for attendance, you have to remember there's only 18 games on the sched for each CFL while there's 82 for NHL teams.

You also have to take into account that sponsors likely pay a lot more to show commercials on a higher rated and more widely available show.

I just wish they would show pre-season games :frowning:

No matter whose fault it was, the CFL should have gotten a better TV deal.($20 million a season).

Yup. The CFL got shafted again... :roll:

Who knows everything on the deals that happen. I suspect as others do there is more to deals than just ratings, other things to consider that the average person isn't aware of.

I have also said the same thing.
The negotiations should have started at $25M per season.

The CFL deal with TSN is a progression over the previous TV deal the cfl has been able to secure, TSN has had a HUGE influence in Revitalizing the CFL, CBC Broadcasts Just were not good enough, So Going exclusively with TSN is the Rite thing to do , This time around IMHO- NEXT time the CFL TV rites are up for negotiation, I would like to see ALL the major players in Canadian broadcasters to Submit Competitive bids . Canada only has 10% of the population as the U.S, wich would suggest for a tv deal to be equal to the NFL deal. the cfl would have 3 teams.! CFL rebuild one step at a time.

Its all supply and demand. If CBC offered one figure and TSN offered a higher one, the CFL would take the higher one. Whats the CFL going to do say "Sorry, if both of you can't pay this price, we wont let either of you broadcast the games"?

I dont think so.....

Here's a link to what TSN paid for which includes for example:

  1. more games
  2. the exclusive rights to Wednesday night across the country
  3. extensive playoff coverage
  4. exclusive rights to broadcast the draft

They are paying for much more with the NHL than with the CFL so it makes sense that the rights would be more expensive. Also, if divided by the number of teams, I think the CFL and NHL come out pretty well even on a $ per team basis.

TSN is showing EVERY CFL game being played this year.
It is only showing Wednesday NHL night games, plus the odd other game, plus the playoffs.
When you compare the number of games being shown, I would bet there's at least as many CFL games as NHL being shown.
TV ratings ARE comparable between the two leagues on TSN.
Add in the fact TSN gets the exclusive rights to the high rated playoffs and Grey CUp, and I say they got the CFL rights for a bargain.

Supposedly it is a known fact that the CFL only negotiated with TSN.
They never approached CBC or other possibilities, Global or Sportsnet.
If true, you cannot negotiate properly with one entity and expect to increase the value of your property.

All i kno is that there are a lot less people able to get TSN over CBC. If the grey cup is not sshown on CTV look for some of the worst Grey CUp ratings in history.

And probably the best Grey Cup broadcast in history. The hockey fans at Sportsnet are crapping all over CBC for last nights performance compared with NBC and I don't blame them. CBC focuses on Gary Roberts while NBC the real stars.

We are lucky CBC isn't doing the Grey Cup, very lucky!!!!!! Remember, there's more to ratings than quantity, quality counts big time in my books.

Yea i can agree on thatm but why not put the game on CTV at least with the same broadcast that way people with rabbit ears and stuff can get it.