Another sex symbol gone

my all time fav sex symbol dead at 82

Raquel Welch, One Million Years B.C. Actress and Hollywood Sex Symbol, Dead at 82 (


RiP to a bright star


The 1968 playboy spread comes to mind

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Cant say I was reading PB at the time.

Can't say I was alive yet at the time

I was. Just a kid then, but remember the poster where she was rockin' a fur bikini.
A truly beautiful woman throughout her lifetime. RIP

She made my tree of love sapp, so does her daughter.

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She was A 10 out of 10 well before Bo Derek .

RIP Raquel Welch

I was talking about the pictures... And you mean to tell me there was words on those magazine?:flushed:

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well, when you are young enough, you need the words to tell you what you are seeing :slight_smile:

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She did Playboy?


Raquel Welch In Playboy (