Another season with the Ticats seems unlikely for Porter

Porter says he’s here to help Burris, and to help the Ticats win, taking some pressure off Burris by noticing certain things on the playing field this season — “I think I’ve done a good job and I’m proud of that? — but concedes he’s also casting his eyes toward a future that is rapidly approaching.

The Edmonton Eskimos, whom the Ticats visit Friday night, are also thinking “future? when it comes to quarterback and you’d think they’d have serious interest in Porter this winter. Winnipeg, too, should the Bombers decide Buck Pierce is unavailable far too often for a designated starter.

“It’s my livelihood, you have to look ahead,? Porter says. “I do have ideas of different things, like everyone has. When the time comes, I’ll have to make that decision, but right now it could be anywhere.?

“When I think of how many people have come and gone since I’ve been here, it blows my mind,? Porter says.

Next year, he could easily be one of them.

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I like QP. I wish we would give him some more playing time, especially in situations where the score is lopsided and it would be easy to do. Burris is older, the risk of injury is not insignificant, so having a second-stringer with lots of rust on him is not the best strategy.

I hope QP stays next year, but I imagine there will be other teams where he might have a better shot. Burris has had a good year, so there isn't much chance to become #1, for any other QB. Still, Porter sure can't get a situation much less appealing than he has had this year in Hamilton, so I am sorry to say I doubt he'll be back.

I hope he catches on somewhere he can play.

Cortez doesn't seem to have the love affair for Porter that Bellefeuille displayed. He has a history of working with and developing QBs and might very will see that Porters skill set is not where it should be after this many years in the league.

I think Cortez will not renew Porter for next year and bring in some new guys to compete with Lefevour in training camp for the number 2 and 3 spots.

I hope Porter ends up elsewhere. Winnipeg perferably as it gives us a much easier route to the play offs.

agreed, it appears to be unlikely that Porter will remain with the Cats next season.

possible, but unlikely.

on a positive note, Porter may have value as a potential starter for Edmonton or Winnipeg as he possesses a copious amount of experience for a backup/semi-starter in the CFL.

Other clubs, such as the Als (if McPherson exits next season) and the Lions (inexperienced Mike Reilly) may be inclined to lean towards Porter as one who could step in immediately, with little tutelage pain, for an injured starter.

as well, Darron Thomas (OR) and the ever improving Kyle Quinlan could be brought in as competition to Lefevour who could be elevated to the #2 spot with a productive spring camp.
Burris is currently having a career year, and could very well play til 40, although a protoge needs to be groomed as a suitable replacement not just for future purposes, yet also as a cautionary measure.

Given our track record for letting players go, eg: Maurice Mann, Arland Bruce 3, Marquay McDaniel, to name a few, letting Porter loose may just be another ill conceived move.
I always thought that Porter had lots of potential that will never develope to the fullest sitting on the sidelines. Maybe a move somewhere else would be the best thing for him. We'll have to wait and see.

It would be a real shame if Quinlan wasn’t given a proper shot as a QB in the CFL simply because he is Canadian. The guy clearly has talent and with a proper mentor, somebody like Calvillo or Burris, I think Quinlan could flourish and have a successful CFL career.

I agree with AB3 and McDaniel but Maurice Mann hasn’t really done anything impressive with ANY team he’s been with so far. Much like Chris Bauman.

Maurice Mann is a legend in his own mind. Mediocre player who does more talking than playing. The guy just isn’t that great. The team never should have traded for Mann in the first place. And while I will stop short of saying that McDaniel has flourished with the Stamps, I think the Cats gave up on him too soon. Bruce, well, I’ve made my feelings known about that trade since the day it happened. Wasn’t a fan of the move then and still hate the move now.

While letting Porter go could prove to be a mistake, sometimes a guy needs a change of scenery to really find his way. As great as Anthony Calvillo is, I don’t know if he would have turned into the player he is today if he had stayed in Hamilton. Signing with the Als and learning behind Tracy Ham was the best thing that ever happened to him. Perhaps Porter needs to move on to realize his full potential as well.

I totally agree. Would you rather have Bakari Grant or McDaniel? I’ll take bigger, stronger, and faster. As for Mann, he’ll be out of the league next year.He has more drops than catches and more injuries than games played. I think Bruce was a salary move but the man can still play the game at a high level.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Considering the trainwreck this season has been so far, I wouldn’t put a lot of faith on George’s opinions on anything.

Winnipeg will be playing in the West division in after next year. Reminds me of remarks people were making when AC came to Montreal.

Well now you’ve jinxed it…

With Chamblin shaping up to be COTY… 8)

Can't wait to see him leave. I really do hope he gets a chance at starting in the CFL though, there's nothing like getting 2 free points :smiley:

Bigger, stronger and faster does not always mean BETTER. Grant’s output has still not matched McDaniel’s in the 2010 season where he almost got 1000 yards. That guy has a knack for getting open in that 8-10 yard range and usually comes up big in key 2nd down plays much like Stala. I’m sure Glenn is keen on having McDaniel out there in Calgary with him.

Speaking of Glenn and Porter, that’s another scenario of bigger, stronger and faster not living up to the hype.

I think QP has been given the short end of the stick for sure. Either play him or move him but you don’t need a ten year (I know, just exaggerating) starter sitting on the side line as a backup, that is what for young QBs are for. Hmm, how about QP and Burris for Lulay…nice trade for us!!

I don’t know, that’s tough. As much as I like Bakari, McDaniel was 6 yards shy of 1,000 in his second season and has a shot at cracking that mark again this season. Also, do you have any evidence that Grant is stronger and faster than McDaniel? Because I would argue otherwise.

I'd rather have KQ at QB than QP.