Another Saviour

I hate to see it happen again.
The fans of Hamilton putting their hopes on one guy..
Lumsden is good, but so is Troy Davis!

When you see Ricky Ray play,
you see why they let Maas go...

it'd be interesting to see what the ticat's record would be by now if they had two by-weeks already too, eh?

and davis is done, if you've watched an edmonton game all year "you see why they let HIM go..."

Davis is good between the tackles, doesnt have the finess or speed that lumsden has- imo -Lumsden is only one player , a good foundation to build on :cowboy:


Jesse has talent but is he durable. Durability may be one reason the Skins cut Jesse.

True- if he makes it to the end of the season uninjured- they cut him for PR reasons.imo

I guess the fact that the Ray/Davis team are the Grey Cup champions is lost on some people.........

re-I guess the fact that the Ray/Davis team are the Grey Cup champions is lost on some people.........
EE,s would not have won without Maas- davis is awsome but lumsden is better imo

Jesse Lumsden is a young and talented running back who showed good potential in his brief stint with the Ticats last year. However, until he rushes for over 1,600 yards in a single season for the Ticats or gains 5,000 rushing yards in his career as a Ticat, it is premature to compare him to Troy Davis.

Jesse is where he belongs. Baring injury he has the potential to be a CFL star of the future. Of course he needs a good offensive line and a good playbook to make it happen in Hamilton.

I would have to agree with TCTD. IMHO I think that Jesse has great potential, but lets not give him too much praise at this point until he earns it. I personally think that he will but as it was said it is pre-mature to compare him to the likes of a Troy Davis.

this early in lumsden's career and this late in troys? i think its a great comparison right now.

Lumsden may have only had time for "a cup of coffee" at an NFL training camp or two, but at this stage of his career Davis would be escorted out of a TC faster than you can say Juan Valdez.