another sad neck injury...

It sounds like we're about to lose another professional football athlete to a neck injury again..sad to hear.
I was watching the NFL game yesterday where it happened,and earlier today,the prognosis didn't sound good for Everret( i hope i spelled his name corectly)...condolences to his family and friends.

My comment here is about tackling and the lack of proper tackling techniques in both the CFL and NFL.
I have a rugby background and a bit of high school football.Currently,i'm playing in the flag league in Vancouver.
When playing rugby,we were given drills to tackle with the shoulders,and to always aim around and below the waist height of your opponent.I'm not a big guy,so that became a very important drill for me to excel in.
I think that football coaches on all levels should take more responsibility in teaching their athletes on the art of tackling,and with that,hopefully lessensing the amount of serious neck injuries in the game.
I have always had an issue with the lack of proper tackling technique in the game i love to play and watch,and i'm guessing that the football athletes might think that because they're wearing armour,that they can throw themselves out there without disregard to their bodies??

I hope this resinates to all,on all levels,that love this game.