Another rules question

If I am on your 10 1/2 yard line can I still get a first down. If the play goes to the 1/2 yard line do they measure first to give me the first down then move the ball back to the 1 or do they go staight to the 1?

In other words from the 10 1/2 am I first and 10 or first and goal

What if they are on the 10 1/4 line and get to the 1/2 yard line. They would be just inches short of a first down. Do they then move the ball back to the one yard line making it farther for a first down?

At first I thought this was a sarcastic answer then I realised its a good point

Yes! They would have to, no?

My guess is that you get a first down at the .5 line mark and then they move it back to the 1, first and goal. But it's a guess.

I'd say that yes you can make a first down, then they'd move it to the
one and it would be first and goal.

Maybe the should convert from Yards to meters.

as long as it's outside the 10 yard line you can get a first

But wouldn't it penalize a team for being so close to the endzone because it would then be a bit tougher to get that first down?

I see your point, it would penalize a team, and I'm not totally sure if they would spot it at the 1/2 or at the 1, but I would guess the 1.

As far as I know they must spot the ball at the one.

Yes, it would be spotted on the 1

r01313 Time to ask the ref again!

I think the rulebook states that you cannot scrimmage inside the 1 yard line so my guess would be measure and move back. Same if you were short