another reciever???????

Okay....why have we signed another receiver in Robinson?. While I understand we have some injuries that makes what... 3 slots and 11 or 12 hideous. And an import to boot. I mean I know we only have one st on the pd, but wow

another CFL team reject, can't our scouting staff find any players on their own ??????
can anyone name me a good player that was brought in this year from another CFL team ?
the coaches only have the players that the management brings in.

protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god their's.

this league is so small, just about every player is another team's "reject", i read in the paper they hardly have enough receivers for the qb's to practice with so it makes sense to me

And if they didn't bring in more receivers and the next one gets injured, people like bowl54 would be saying "How could they have been so stupid not to have brought in more receivers with all the injuries we've had at that position?!?!?" Rider brass can do no right.

Relax! The Riders are short on bodies due to injuries. He isn't being brought in to solve our offensive woes. You need bodies to practice with (second team etc...). I can't believe how big a deal this is to some! There is a portion (I hope small) of Rider fans who treat every small change in this team with a disproportionate level of outrage!

All that i am saying is to bring in new players who with practicng with the team have a hope in making the team not other teams rejects who cant make their teams practice roster , but their some how good enough to make ours.

i agree. If all you want is a body for practice, bring in a guy from the Thunder or something.

I see what you are saying but I disagree that's all he is. I'd say bring in a guy who has been in the CFL rather than finding a guy who won't have a hope in getting on the roster because he doesn't understand the game and the plays. Just because a guy doesn't have great success with one team in this league doesn't mean he's a reject. Anyway hopefully we get Koch back soon and the other guys stay healthy.

You never get better playing against sub-par players. You just develop bad habits.

he was not good enough to make a practice roster in TO. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

Still given the choice of playing against a Thunder player or someone that already is near that pro level you would still benefit playing against the player with the higher skill level. Also should disaster happen you have a player that you can bring in on the main roster if need be. As we all remember from a few years ago, freaky injuries do happen and sometimes in bulk supply. Plus I’m sure the thunder wouldn’t be all that impressed with using their players for fodder.

"i" before "e"
expect after

Jim Popp seems to manage to find all kinds of receivers
And the only "reject" has been Prechae Rodriguez
Who has yet to see much field time


You're right, Popp has found some good ones but I'm pretty sure Anthony Calvillo has a little something to do with their success.

lets take this one step farther,
what does has Calvillo have that we don't?
A - O-line?
B - offensive cordinator?
C - recievers ?

protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of God in their's. :rockin:
and this is what we are not doing. :oops:

I can agree that no QB fears the Riders d-line right now