Another reciever

A old/new face is being brought into the fold:

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I'm in favour of this move. Kwame didn't get a fair shake on his last tour through town. He has excellent hands and good speed.

And he never once complained (at least not to the media) about his role on the team. I'm not even sure if he dressed for any games before Marshall was fired, which has got to hurt if you're a veteran who has what Lancaster described as 'a lot of swagger'.

Hopefully he wasn't one of the ones who made the dressing room miserable.

I like the move too, the guy has skills and we don't have a lot of depth. Hopefully he can teach the new guys from the States a few things about adapting to the Canadian game.


I am really happy to have Kwame on board this year.

I know Ron Lancaster respected Kwame as a quality receiver
and probably he respected him for practicing hard every day.

At the time Ron took over we had too many receivers and he felt
that it wasn't fair for him to be sitting out and not playing.

We traded him so he could play and we got a 3rd round draft pick.

Good signing. Maybe this time he will be utilized properly. If one or two of the new recievers stick we could have a decent core of recievers. We need a go to wideout.

A good leader in the room also ... something that will be needed with all the new faces.

This is a quality signing ... well done!

Good signing!
He can play both SB and WR and should me more productive this time around. I'm sure he's familiar with CT system too.

And now Stubblefirld too. (Check this website)

I thought he looked good during his short stint here. I'm not convinced that he had a fair shot then, but that is the lament of many a player.

I've a hunch he'll do us proud.

It will be intresting to see how Coach T and his staff play Cavil. Always thought we never really tryed this guy.

Kwame Cavil and Taylor Stubblefield we got
Official now on the Front page

I have a hunch that Stubblefield will be the greater impact of these two. Not to underestimate CAvil cause he is certainly valuable too...

Love it.

Talk about regime change. Gone are the malcontents (with the exception of Flick and Smith), gone are the underachievers, and now we're getting back the players who were never given a chance. Lets hope that the current staff can actually utilize the talent available.

AWSOME! :thup:

:thup: good news and a good move :thup:

so excited to see this guy play and get a fair chance man, he wasnt utilizes right last year and never got a chance to show his skills with all those coaches we had, good luck kwame! i was hopin u'd cum back

A very good move. It was a source of confusion why last year Hamilton traded to get Cavil and then refused to use him. A 1,000 yard receiver, sitting on the bench or not even dressed? Made no sense to me. Good pickup for Hamilton, he'll prove he is a quality receiver if given the chance (and with Flick and Peterson gone, this time he'll get that chance).

he better be a starter this year.

He'll be our "go to" guy, if the ball gets to him that is. 8)

i dont understand, with last year being such a bad year, why the coaches never played cavil at all?