Another reason to strongly dislike - OK hate - the Argos

I have to admit I did sort of chuckle when I saw this - but whoever runs the Argos twitter account clearly wants us to keep hating them. This is what they tweeted to the Ti-Cats account after the game.

Well it is kind of funny IMO. :slight_smile:

And of course our reply to them is that at least WE WERE THERE!!! :rockin:

Knocked them out in the EDF last year and totally out of the playoffs this year! Don't think that's going to change any time soon so get used to being bested by your hated rivals down the QEW and your ex-backup QB!! :smiley:

Uh Travel. Why do you get tweets from the Argos.

Im on to you sir.

Hey Ryan - actually The Score - which I do follow - retweeted it.

I could never bring myself to actually follow the Argos (Arhols as I believe you call them) twitter account. :slight_smile:

Likely story. Double agent :wink:

Damn - you're on to me. I am a closet Argos fan. (and here I thought I had come out of the closet years ago).

Gotta go, I'm taking on water again and have to figure out a way to plug this leak. By the way - anybody know which way to BMO Field? :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

can not waite to see you and the Argos first game you play each other , just put that up in the room ,

it was tweeted to the Ticats account. Can't you read?

Lighten up Francis.

The only one not getting i was joking was you. :roll:

This from a team that had to resort to having their GM help them win a game, then didn’t make the playoffs with allegedly the best quarterback in the league, and the season before couldn’t win an EF in their own backyard with their fans outnumbered and shouted down by the visitors (Hamilton), and spent the second half of that game doing a lot of watching and very little participating.

Their blue ribbon should read best CFL sideline TV viewers.

I suppose it's better than back to back non-participants??

Uh people, the Ticats started it by tweeting " 'Sup" to the blew team after beating Montreal in Week 20...

I hate the Argos because they are Argos. That's all I need :wink:

Guess they had a full 3 weeks to come up with something good.

I'm not worried about what the Argos say their like the Maple Leafs they don't beat anybody. 8)

TiCats Australia:

So they had 3 weeks to come up with something good. Wonder when we will see it? If that's the best they can do for 3 weeks work then truly ARGOS SUCK

Argos don't even matter. We should all be grateful to the Cats for giving us the great satisfaction of not having to look at Chad Owens in the Grey Cup. :thup:

Yes I agree and also didn’t have to look at Rikki ray either. :cowboy: