Another reason to love the CFL

Twelve Argos are local guys. They were born here, they live here, shop here, their kids go to our schools, their parents live here.... Hell, Belli (and BC's Benevides) went to my old high school and Durie and Black attended York U as I did.

This is one reason I have virtually zero interest in the NFL (or the Raptors anf Blue Jays) for that matter. They're just carpetbaggers to me.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hi Barney:

I think your observation is what keeps most of the players and coaches so grounded and community involved and so relatable to the fans of this league.....

So you are a xenophobe - you only like locals, and dislike outsiders especially foreigners?

Even though the locals may not be as good as the outsiders you prefer them anyway.

I couldn't care less if a team carries locals or not I go for the entertainment value.

I certainly wouldn't categorize those players as "Carpetbaggers", they have earned their place and their contributions matter a great deal to the enjoyment and success of the team.

However, I do like to watch the local talent play. For a number of reasons, I think, they are important. Not the least of which is that they help to make the franchise even more relatable and relevant to the community.


was pinball clemons a 'carpetbagger'?

i agree that the CFL is very local, but that doesn't mean you need to knock the other team's players that play in this country.
the bluejays have a couple local players, i believe.

Some of the Import players also embrace their team's city and have a positive effect on the community. Guys like Chris Williams, Steve Baggs and others have volunteered their time for charitable causes.

Well by definition Pinball is not a carpetbagger. He's given back to the community, much more than he's received and he's taken out Canadian citizenship to boot. What I was really refering to was the Raptors and Jays players who board the planes out of TO the day after their seasons end. I'd be amazed if more than 2-3 players stay here year-round. On the other hand, during the GC telecast, in addition to the 12 local guys, someone mentioned that a number of other Argos are planning to make TO their year-round home. That to me is a real commitment to a community--not Christmas photo-ops at the local hospital.

An Argo-Cat fan

Another reason.... Colussion

:D Shhhhh. You'll bring out the hounds. Of course the Argos won the Cup fair and square. That's the league's story and it's sticking to it. 8)

Seriously? I hope you guys are kidding. It came down to the last 39 seconds of the semi-final game to ensure Montreal was out of the Grey Cup.

What's next? The Argos and the Mayan Calendar? :smiley: