Another reason to dislike TO

Looks like the Argos are going to sign Rob Murphy. The center of the universe just got a bit less likeable.

They need a lot more than Murphy. Mark my words, last in the East this year. Welecome to TO Rob!! :lol:

Can you say an organization in TURMOIL? I guess so. 8)

Murphy played pretty bad in some big games for the Lions so I'm not too sad to see him go. I love the toughness but he sucked in the Western Final 2 years in a row. He was getting beat quite a bit this past year as well.

Yes the few times I specifically watched him, he looked big and slow and was easily beaten by a defensive player.
Hopefully for my Argos his best days are not behind him.

So what is the reason to dislike Toronto?

The Maple Leafs.... :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

...finally a lions fan that is honest enough to admit Murphy wasn't the gladiator most folks west of Mountain Standard Time made him out to be...

I think he was that 'gladiator' when he wanted to be...

....not last year...he might as well of had ORANGE PYLON on the back of his jersey....

I have a brilliant idea thanks to you, the Stamps should trade Pilon to the Lions and we can make this reality.

The money they are giving Murphy is outrageous. Just when the league is on stable financial footing, the argos go and do something stupid . The year before ,the ticats gave 500 grand to Printers. Signing one player for tons of money doesn't work,especially when there is no supporting cast. All this does is drive everybody's payroll up. Now a player can say, I had a better year then Murphy,so give me the money he is getting.

Wow. Lot's of jealous CFL fans in this thread. I live in Toronto. I don't think Toronto is the center of the universe. Seems to me the only people who think Toronto is the center of the universe are the people living outside of it. I take that as a compliment!

Toronto can have this man for the price they are paying him. 195K + incentives.

The reason we hate the Argos so much is because they go after everyone who's available and want to overpay everyone.

The Argos should know about signing guys in their 30s to big contracts.

The Argos should be in rebuilding mode, not acquiring veterans mode. They need to understand that they can't win every year.

Being a mere minutes from Toronto, I understand why people hate Toronto so much.

I actually don't hate Toronto, I do hate the hype the media puts on Toronto. It is much like watching golf, I like Tiger Woods but I hate the fact that we have to put up with the Tiger trash all the time. There are other golfers out there. The same with Toronto. TSN for instance has the nickname the Toronto Sports Network for a reason, they even run contests during National broadcasts that state you must live in the Toronto area code to enter. Take the Globe and Mail, which bills itself as our "National" newspaper, I defy you to find an add or notice or obituary that is not in Toronto. Even events held in other cities are advertised with the Toronto start times, not local start times.

OK rant over.

You should try living an hour away from the big smoke. Everything they do is put on a pedastle.

All sports talk is about the Maple Leafs. All Sports coverage is about the Leaf and Raptors with a slice of Jays and Argos thrown in.

I go down to see the Cats play in Toronto and their fans are on high horses.

There is a lot of hate between Hamilton and Toronto. Toronto thinks Hamilton wants to be like Toronto. Okay, we have tried to be like them with amalgamation and building an Eastons centre but in reality, Hamiltonians love being Hamiltonians and don't want to be anything else.

Hamilton stands for hard working, blue collar people. I know this first hand, my father is a steelworker for 40 years. He loves this city. I am proud to call it home. I don't want to live anywhere else.

Toronto is seen as a white collar, expensive, gets-whatever-the heck-they want city and if not, complain till the cows come home because they have the highest population in Canada.

Honestly, as much as you see and hear, Toronto is a terrible sports town. There is only 1 team that gets support, the Leafs.

The Raptors, Blue Jays, Argos, Marlies and Rock, plus a plethora of junior hockey, doesn't even register for Toronto sports fans until they are winning or in the playoffs. The Argos are a bit of an exception. They had a big resurgence this past year for reasons I don't know. They closed off the 5th deck of the dome so there are only about 30M seats available. Maybe it's supply and demand.

Being from the Hammer, it's very easy to dislike Toronto because we here how great they are on a daily basis.

Does one need a reason to dislike Toronto?

What does the money the Argos pay Murphey have to do with the league's financial status.

The Argos are bound by the same salary cap as everyone esle....If they payed Murphey that much money, its because they have romm under the cap

Eh. Toronto can have him if they want. I'm just glad my team didn't make a play at getting him.