Another Reason the Crossover is wrong

Then what is the point?
You claim that BC has no chance of winning, then why cross over and penalise the fans of a City in the east? Those fans deserve a chance to see THEIR team in the playoff more that a western team deserves to see their team crossover. The crossover team finished last in their division!

If you claim that BC has a chance, then you are rewarding them for being a last place team!

If you finish last in one division, you have no right for even a chance to win the championship of the other division. whether you can or not!

Again, Every other sport you have teams with better records that miss the playoffs. Only in the CFL with westerners and their sense of entitlement do you see this ridiculousness

IMO, the point is to try and raise the quality of the eastern teams, if i was winnipeg i would be pissed and be trying to obtain better personnel or something, again i would love to see a true east vs west playoff BUT the quality of football over the past few years (even tho it was better this year and also barring the play of the als obviously) in the east has been less than stellar. im not trying to upset you im just saying that i think the crossover has a motivational aspect for the teams like hamilton toronto and winnipeg, if the bombers win ONE more game we are not having this conversation. i predict next year will result in no cross over, but until than id rather see the system we have. on the same note…if some day the roles reverse and the east is dominating the west kinda thing, than i think there should be an eastern team crossover. but heres hoping after next year we dont have to talk about it for a long time.

All it does is alienate the fans of the team that get bumped! It doesnt modivate the team to get better.
As for an eastern crossover…I guarentee the west would change their minds real quick about it!

I also believe now and I alway will that in 1999 or 2000, the west threw the final game to prevent an eastern crossover…

i cant argue because i was like 11 than lol but im sure THEY would change their minds. everyone is out for their own self interests. but thinking about it this year was close enough that no crossover was needed. in all honesty if they ditched the crossover this off season i would not be upset at all about it

Major League Baseball and the NFL both have a form of a crossover, in a sense.

It used to be, I do believe, that in both those leagues only the divisional champs made the playoffs. Then, when both leagues realized that the disparity in divisions led to a 2nd place team in one division being out of the playoffs even though they had a better record than the first place team in another division, they started adding wild cards to remedy that. It's like a crossover I suppose. . .

I believe the CFL governors vote on keeping this format every year. Since there's an equal number of Eastern and Western teams, I'm not sure how this format would be a result of:

the CFL with westerners and their sense of entitlement

I baseball, there were 2 divisions and the top team in each made the playoffs.
They then went to 3 divisions but they needed 4 team so they took the top 3 and then as a wild card, the best second place team. This creates the possibility that a third place team that has a better record in one division misses the playoffs while a 1st or 2nd in another makes them. Then when you concider the 2 leagues....

The crossover rule is fair. If crossover is good enough for NFL and MLB, then it must also be for the CFL too. Any team with more points deserve to be in the playoffs. Crossover possibility is extra incentive for marginal teams to do better. Before the invention of crossover, eastern teams didn't need to win games because 3 playoff spots are guaranteed. In their wisdom, CFL board chose justice and drama over mediocrity.

By the way, the west is stronger than the east. Best measure is comparing total wins by all teams in each division. Intradivisional games are irrelevant in calculations because total wins remain the same regardless of who wins. For example, Montreal versus Toronto. But games against other division determine the difference.

There is no crossover in either the NFL or MBL
It had nothing to do with CFL wisdom only western whinning and arrogance!
And no the west is not stronger Montreal only makes the east look weaker.

Funny how no-one who is in favour will address the point of this thread!
Prob because they know Im right

im guessing your point was that why reward the team thats in last in the west by letting them play the hypothetically weaker eastern teams in the playoffs. the only answer i can give is that its not the teams in the playoffs that are weaker. its the bottom two teams that are the weak link, this season those would be winnipeg and toronto...but really by the end of the season it was only toronto as winnipeg was only one win behind bc, hamilton and montreal are obviously still respectable teams because they made the playoffs and had better records than the crossover team...thats what i think they figure. again i would rather my team miss the playoffs than cross over in all honesty. one quick thought that just popped in my head...lets say hypothetically hamilton is a joke team next year and the peg keeps bishop and kelly makeing them a joke too...and toronto is toronto...what if the western team in last has a better record then those dont lose it on me it was hypothetical and im starting to wonder if its even mathmatically possible, i didnt bother to think about that but still would there be a eastern semi in the west? anyways i hope what i stated above is on topic RO, but the more i debate this with you the more i find it to be dumb

You find it dumb?
I dont.
I find it perfectly valid and another example of how the west has this sense of entitlement.
I also find it funny how the word has gotten out that there is an anti-crossover thread here and you are all flocking here to defend the crossover

ok ro your starting to get a little defensive i meant the cross over rule is dumb

My mistake.

its ok i reread my post and i can see how you would take it the way you did

We might as well accept the crossover rule since it is likely to be around for a long time. Weak reason to claim crossover is wrong if bottom team benefits in playoffs from facing weaker opponents. Such a wonderful bonus is another reason for keeping the crossover rule. Overall, CFL is better off with crossover than without it.

The west is stronger than the east because the west has won more games against the east. Montreal dominance doesn't account for points difference between divisions.

A weak reason is to claim that one team is better than another because of 1 more win.....Because of the unbalanced schedule, Then add the advantage the west has because of time zone changes and 1 win means nothing. And of course there are the 2 games that the refs handed to BC

Funny how western excuses change like the seasons.

I few months back when the east was ahead in the win loss coloum. Westerners claim that the west was still stronger because the east was only ahead 6-4 and only scored an average of 3 points more. They claimed that in order for the east to be concidered stronger. The record had to be at least 7-3 and they would have had to have won by at least 7 points.

Therefore based on Western rules....The west is not stronger

The crossover makes sense. It should be the top teams in the league that make it to the playoffs esepcially with a league that is this small.

Say you are right, and that the west division isn't "better" than the east. But if you look at the stats on the east side, Montreal trumps ALL the east teams. It's not even close.

So tell me, is it fair that montreal, year after year, make it to the playoffs just because they have the luck of being in the division with teams who are not up to par with them? Let's make the playoffs more interesting and give montreal a run for their money.

Is it fair that Wpg gets bumped out of a playoff spot because they have to play Montreal 4 times while BC only plays them twice?

You cannot say that a team from one division is better than another if they dont play one another equally!

East Vs west Bla bla bla. MTL is the best team int he CFL, It will be offical when A.C is holding up the G.C at the end of the month! Only 1 of their loss was a genuine loss! Edmonton! 1 was botched by the Reffs and 1 they had a whack of backups in a 100% meaningless game! West has better records as they play each other more often, and all the teams overall are about even! Same in the East, but MTL Year in and out kills every East team leaving the other 3 Desperate for points!

Why is everyone forgetting that the crossover was not put into the rule book just for the West. If an Eastern team were to have a record that would allow them to crossover and take a playoff spot from a western team, then so be it. But quite simply that has never happened because the fact of the matter is that the East has been a weaker division. And the Als, with their 15 - 3 record are direct beneficiaries of that due to the ratio of inter-divisional play. Maybe if the Als had played a few more games against the stronger western teams - B.C. included - their record wouldn't be quite as pretty as it is. Don't get me wrong - the Als are good - really good and deserved to finish first in the East.

Bottom line, the teams with the best records deserve to be in the playoffs - period.

And I suggest that Ro - quit your whining about the Refs. Everyone has suffered at their hands this year. The Lions lost one to the Riders and one to the Stamps due to blown calls, so it all evens out.

Let the games begin and long live the CFL.