Another Reason the Crossover is wrong

Actually, I mentioned Molson only as an illustration that there were a lot of fields in Montreal that the Lions could have used for practice.

It is a moot point anyway. Apparently Wally does not agree with me. According the The Province, the team is back in Vancouver.

Look at the 1981 season under the old format: The eastern conference had Hamilton in first with an 11-4-1 record, second were the Rough Riders with an 5-11 record and in third spot was Montreal with a 3-13 record, meanwhile Saskatchewan missed the playoffs in the west with a 9-7 record and even the Stampeders at 6-10 were out. The Rough Riders catch a little magic and almost win the Grey Cup losing 26-23. Alas, with a record like that it could have been the Atlantic Schooners year.

In 1982, the Rough Riders were in again at 5-11 and the Lions were out at 9-7. Ottawa beat the TiCats (8-7-1) in the Semi-Final.

In 1983, the TiCats were in at 5-10-1 and the Stamps were out at 8-8. Hamilton beat Ottawa (8-8) in the Semi-Final and almost beat the Argos in the Final.

The Division candidate already has a double advantage with an unbalanced schedule and point ties automatically going to the Division member. Otherwise, technically Divisions are meaningless and should be viewed as the top 6 make the playoffs.

A possible solution to this 'unfairness' would be to give the option to the 3rd place team in the 4 team playoff division the option to travel to the other division.

That is a disadvantage. Wpg faced Mtl 4 times while BC faced them twice.

I say if you cant win in your own division, you dont deserve to make the playoffs, regardless of any teams record in the other division.
Better record teams miss the playoffs in every sport but its only the CFL that whines about it
The western whiners should just suck it up and play better.

That was an excellent post DJeffery and very well backed up with good examples. I particularly agree with your comment about divisions being meaningless. In fact I've never been big on the East vs West idea. If the Lions for example make it to the Grey Cup there will be 2 western teams facing off. So much for an east vs west format.

You're right, it should be viewed as the top 6 making the play offs. But I'm wondering if this creates problems for the scheduling.

How did the old NHL deal with this when there were only 6 teams in the NHL [pre 1967]?

Wpg faced Mtl 4 times while BC faced them twice.
The Als also faced the Argos 4 times.
How did the old NHL deal with this when there were only 6 teams in the NHL [pre 1967]?
The top 4 teams made the playoffs, 1 against 3 and 2 against 4, best of 7.
Wpg faced Mtl 4 times while BC faced them twice.
Correction, the Bombers and Als also got the Argos 3 times each.

Your point?

The Argos were 3-15 this year.

Again, your point.
What does the argos lousy record have to do with the fact that BC crossed over because they only had to play the Als twice while the Bombers had to play them 4 times?

Nope, they came home and are practicing in the Monsoons that have hit the Lower Mainland.

Should have come and practiced in the Interior where its a little dryer!


the western teams should quite whining and play better...really? when was the last year an eastern team won the cup? why should bc miss the playoffs so the bombers can make it in. ya sure they had to play mtl 4 times to the lions 2...but the 3 or 4 games against the argos...who are the lions me the weak link that went 3 and 15 and was a gimme win for the teams in the west...thats the point. your division always has at least one team thats pretty much a walk. we dont have that in the west. this is why the cross over makes sense. and correct me if im wrong but im a stamps fan and im almost 100% sure without checking that this has never helped our chances to make playoffs that i can remember. regardless you want to reward failure...than let the bombers have a chance at the playoffs. if they cant get a better record than bc with at least 3 gimme games against the argos than they dont deserve the chance to play in the playoffs.

Name me one other sports league that whines about it like the west does.

Every sport has this happen. better record mis the playoffs. Only the west whines.

Wpg beat Toronto in the standing.

The celler dwellar BC beat no-one! They are in the Weak Western Division and if you finish last there....You dont deserve to be in the playoffs......

The west has already thrown a game to prevent an Eastern crossover.....Now BC throws a game to playoff in the east! Very classy division

Now go troll somehwhere else!

They are in the Weak Western Division
So, the East is stronger because they last won the Cup in 2004?

obviously, the western dominance of the grey cup proves how weak the west is.

there should not be 6 teams in the playoff when you're a 8 team league. This forces the fact that teams with losing records to get a shot at winning the Grey cup. This is absurd.

2 teams per divisions should be allowed to get a shot at the Cup. that's it.

no thats dumb. and what team is in the playoffs this year with a losing record? NO ONE thats because of the crossover.

How about BC's 8-10 losing record? MMMMMMM?
You really should think before you open your mouth!
No go troll somewhere else!
Last warning

explain how i am trolling im posting my opinions on a subject...not having do with the team the forum is for at all. to have only two teams play each other on each division is ridiculous. and i apologize your right bc was 8 - 10 and winnipeg was what? 7 - 11? so obviously winnipeg deserved to be in the playoffs

You are trolling in a team forum.......
I post it here, because I dont feel like listening to the crap from other posters.
The same topic is on the main board. You are free to troll there!

Yes Wpg deserves to be in the playoff in the east because they play in the east.....BC doesn't!
I dont care if they are 0-18. The east plays-off for a winner while the west does the same! The winner of each plays-off for the Grey Cup!

A third place team in either division, regardless of the record belongs in the playoff in their division before a LAST place team in the other division does

It was that way for years until the western whiners cried "Its not fair"!

Rather than troll, why not address the point of this topic!

If the east is as weak as you claim. Why should the last place team get the easier route to the cup while the better teams eliminate each other. Why reward the worst team?

And BC is 8-10 when they should be 6-12 if not for incompetent officiating.....

2 of the wins were handed to them by the Refs!

now now the season is over, those were close games and you cant speculate that bc would have lost had the refs made the “right” calls, i agree with you in that sense tho, that refs have been poor this year, as for why give them an easier route? come one that cant be your actual opinion. bc is stronger than winnipeg, but do you think they are stronger than both hamilton and montreal? they beat hamiliton in OT, i believe had winnipeg been in it would not have been a close game, and hamilton goes on to lose to you guys. the better teams get a shot. im all for a non crossover year…as long as the teams in the east are able to keep it out.