Another Reason NOT To Watch The SuperBowl Half-Time Show

Report: Maroon 5 to perform at Super Bowl LIII halftime show

Worst popular band EVER!!!


Truly a gruesome twosome.

Certainly not a fan of them but I do understand they have a huge following.

Moron 5 is vomit inducing! Geez, no one else was available?!

I actually don’t think Moron 5 will make the playoffs this year. Their offensive line looks weak to me:

Whichever two teams face each other in the Super Bowl will nonetheless be vomit inducing.


Really? I find them VERY offensive - to my ears.

But how are they at protecting the QB?


…IMO best halftime show ever:

Offensive Line ?? More like Tight Ends…if you catch my drift . I wonder which Value Village they shopped at to buy those lovely coloured array of trousers that they’re sporting ? :o

I prefer Frisbee catching dogs myself.


Actually for pure sugar-pop Maroons Road 85 is not that bad.

If the CFL wanted to raise a ruckus they could bring in UK’s favorite bad girl - Anna Calvi

However, the real heroes who could have made a real statement at half-time is Bruce Springsteen - who’s now 68 and won’t be playing forever.

After that:

Pink Floyd (or whats left of 'em)
Rolling Stones
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (my favorite)
The Five Blind Mice of Canada (aka our officials)
Disturbed w/ Dave Draiman
Simon & Garfunkel
Beach Boys
Old Tired Paul McCartney

Maybe the NFL, or the CFL for that matter, should get this band, never heard of them but they are popular so it seems. Definitely for a very young crowd though:

Kpop band, BTS, will play three concerts in Hamilton. Every one is sold out. Every hotel as far as Stoney Creek is booked. Fans came from as far as Mexico.