Another Question (Sales breakdown)

Is there some information of a breakdown of a ticket purchase and generally where the money goes? Does the visiting team get a part of the sales? etc.

"Pretty payout for players
Tim Switzer, Leader-Post
Published: Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holding the trophy may not be the only motivation for Canadian Football League players to win the Grey Cup.

There's also some pretty impressive coin on the line.

Even before they step on the field for the 95th Grey Cup in Toronto on Sunday, Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers players will have already earned an extra $6,400 for participating in the division semifinal (a $3,100 payday) and final games ($3,300) and have another guaranteed $7,500 for playing in the championship game.

Players on the losing team get that amount, while the winners get double that -- $15,000.

There's also a big incentive to be the top performer in the big game. If Riders quarterback Kerry Joseph continues on the tear he has been on, he could find himself winning the most valuable player honours which brings with it a $10,000 bonus -- although he may have to share it with his O-line and receivers. Or, if slotback Andy Fantuz is the recipient of several of those passes, he might not need the money. The top Canadian gets an extra $5,000.

The B.C. Lions and Toronto Argonauts also received a little extra since they got to skip the division semifinal process. Each player got $3,100 for finishing the regular season in first place."

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I have no clue about gate sharing but I assume there must be something.

I would assume that somewhere they tell you how the money gets distributed, or it's a closely guarded secret.

The owners of the Toronto Argonauts recieved all the gate revenue. Easy one.

I know that if a team buys the rights to the semi or divisional final games they cover the costs of the visiting teams travel and hotel and then keep the rest. I assume if they don't buy the game out the teams split it.

I recall the short lived XFL had the one great idea of the $1M final. With the winning team players splitting this jackpot.
This should happen in our league as the players would get around $20,000 per instead of the current amount.
The losing team could get half of that.

We're not so far off the mark...I recall reading on the news pages of that right now the winners take home $15,000 per player, and the losing team takes half that amount...

I believe that the league picks up the cheque for the players, the amount of which depends on if they are winners or not.

Now I am not sure if that only goes to the 42 on the game day roster? I believe they are the only ones that get their names on the cup.