Another QB Coming to Town ?

The Scratching Post is Reporting the Ticats Are Taking a Good Hard look at south Florida quarterback Matt Grothe
Who had his Combine early this week

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Hamilton would appear to be interested in University of South Florida quarterback Matt Grothe, who performed at USF's pro day yesterday in front of NFL scouts and someone from the Ticats organization. Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille is in Florida vacationing with his family but I can see him making a little side trip... regional scout Danny McManus handles Florida too

Here are the Results

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BACK SCRAMBLING: Six months after his college career ended with a knee injury in September, quarterback Matt Grothe ran through all the drills, running a 4.84 in the 40. That time would have ranked sixth among the 15 quarterbacks timed at the NFL combine workouts last month.

"I've come a long way in a short time, and I'm proud of myself," said Grothe, who has a workout scheduled with the Bucs on April 8. "I feel real good. I don't know exactly what my times were, but I heard rumors that it was pretty good for where I'm at right now. I thought I threw the ball exceptionally well."


The Cats seem to be looking at a lot of QBs as even Buck Pierce is getting a gander. Glenn is of course my first choice, but Porter is still solid enough to be a backup QB. It's interesting, but the fact Glenn and Porter both got resigned makes me curious as to why the Cats would resign them, only to sub out a new quarterback. Maybe Trafralis isn't sticking around? It's just odd.

That youtube link was of their backup qb Daniels.

I'm not all that high on Grothe, I think he'd get eatin up at the pro level, he doesnt have great vision nor does he have much pocket presence, he's predictable when he scrambles and on his drop backs he is a statue in the pocket which will allow defences to really clog up his passing lanes and do things to limit his vision down field.

Alot of his rushing yards came because of designed running plays for him with basic reads, he's a prototypical one dimensional college qb in a basic spread offence that gobbles up yards against basic college defences. He's pretty much another Timmy Chang except faster. There's only one college qb who came from this type of offense and had success at the pro level and that is Drew Brees and I think the other one will be Colt Brennan.

I'd rather have SFU's defensive end Greg Marshall lol

I'm a little confused as well. Glenn, Porter, Trafralis seems like a perfectly good combonation of QBs to me.

Nothing like a little speed dating on the side to keep one's wife on her best behavior, ham,

as long as you're paying her well enough that she won't try to break her marriage contract. :smiley: :rockin:

I thought this was an interesting highlight.. Grothe to Amarri Jackson, who also has had a tryout with the ti-cats, Jackson could be our replacement player for Prechae Rodriguez seeing as he is 6'5" 202lbs. Can't wait for training camp!!!

maybe Trafralis is getting some competition.He seemed fairly good the little i saw.
(mainly short yardage conversions)

And let's not forget:

The point is to keep getting better. I'm glad Obie is taking flyers on players even if he doesn't intend to sign them.

Who says he isn't planning a move at QB, like I said Qp is a below average QB, something is in the works and it has to do with giving QP a bus ticket out of town. I can smell it.

Are you just going to infect every thread with your unnecessary bashing of Porter? Dude, give it a rest.

What are you talking about, I didn't start this thread, in fact the club did by having a look at another QB. I just happen to agree with the move and if you don't like it, tuff. Maybe you need a reality check cause I know plenty of fans that feel the same way as I do about QP and his poor performance last yr.

insanity is contagious

Bruuuuce! Da man. Pretty nice throw as well by an up and coming star!!

We just don’t need a post about it in every thread.
Lets get a sticky on the site
Mopar is no sup-Porter of Porter our perfectly capable back-up QB.

Just like Anthony Calvillo and Printers were 'below average' qb's lol.

No problem bringing in another QB. Who's to say Tarfalis has potential or not? He hasn't played enough for a Youtube clip. And Porter didn't exactly light it up when he had the #1 job handed to him. A little competition never hurt anyone!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

If that 2nd and inches pass to AB3 for a TD isn't in YouTube.... it should be.