Another punch in the face to the Argos !

Jim Barker calling women "bitches" Wow ! just Wow !

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An allegation, no fact has been determined. On the other hand maybe she is what Barker claims. Either way sounds like sour grapes to me.

Nothing to do or agains't the Argos, this would be news from any team, any league really if this is true.

Jim Barker does have four Daughters; calling all women as such stated in the article....perhaps. I would think there's more truth surrounding the fact; the Head Therapist being more of a "MOTHER" towards his players from Jims point of view.

Problem with this is that Toronto is trying to enhance their image and grow their fanbase. and the other five teams kicked in $312 000.00 to market the Argos and they are publicly accused of this. My opinion of it is the article is very damning. Clemons is quoted in it. Two employees as witnesses. ten years tenure on the medical staff and a settlement...

If It's true and accurate, so be it, any team in any league. Nothing to do with building a fanbase.

The article deserves this along the lines of Joe "iconic" Paterno and the amazing Nittany Lions history.

im glad she's fired.
she ran onto the field prematurely and cost owens to miss 3 plays, and injured a player with bad advice.
those are the facts. anything else is sour grapes.

Didn't know that dg. :thup:

barker is an idiot. I side with the woman on this. Its always a quick decision for the trainors to know when to go out. Everyone has at one time or another started to go out when they didnt need to. Barker should have his mouth filled with soap.

I agree with FYB on the running onto the field prematurely, it's not like it's a huge deal to sit out three plays, especially Owens on O. But if that part about the injury is true, then that is one big mistake, and I mean everyone makes em, but as the head trainer, she should have diagnosed it properly.

its not like that agent for jenkins would be biased or anything.

I mean, if a players agent says it, then it has to be gospel....right???

Jenkins injury had nothing to do with a therapist and he retired like five years prior to Nicholson and Barker coming onboard. That's just smear and deflection IMO.

In the lawsuit, Brooks sued the Argonauts, Barker and team president Bob Nicholson for [b]$975,000[/b].
Totally not a big ol' money grab. No, not at all. Sounds like she called the waaaaambulance and she got what she wanted, money.

Generally, the only time a trainer comes onto the field for the Lions is because they're waved on, not because they think they are needed. A trainer is unable to tell from across the field if a player just got bruised up or if they are in a world of hurt. Not sure why she'd want to run on the field if she wasn't sure she was needed. Waiting a few seconds to know for sure if one is needed is not going to reverse an injury.

I can't believe that people would hang the guy before he has even had his say. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

This isn't just about Barker. The article says she was fired by Nicholson at Barker's request before the guy was even hired. Anyway it looks like David Braley footed the bill of whatever settlement there was. How all this impacts the image of the team and their business is hard to tell but it is clearly negative. This is not a coach we are talking about but a ong term employee who was obviously fired unjustly.

OH, you mean like a person FIRED from their job might make something up that makes their former employer look bad?

I'd hesitate before saying someone was "obviously fired unjustly" until I had heard both sides of the story.

If we’re talking about the image of a team being affected, Roberto Alomar had some 50,000 people attend to honour his time as a Jay after spitting on a ref which is totally uncalled for at a.professional level. Didn’t seem to matter to anyone.

MadJack and drummer_god ftw

There is ZERO way in Canada to fire someone with 10 years without a history of written warnings. ZERO. Who is Barker to tell medical staff when to attend to a player ? Not only is the firing unjustified but Barker's alledged :roll: behavior completely out of line.

Let's review things here...

Claiming a player is not seriously injured: OK
Assistant getting in a physical altercation with player on sideline: OK
Losing your mind in locker room: Ok
Hiring a coach under contract: Ok
Doing your job and attnding to a down player: Your fired !

Really ?