Another problem??

Sorry this is in French -- from what I can make of it somebody is trying to mount an opposition to the LL project

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Des conseillers lancent une pétition contre le projet Lansdowne Live

Dominique La Haye
Le Droit

LeDroit a appris qu'un groupe de conseillers municipaux d'Ottawa, opposés à l'exclusion du processus d'appel d'offres pour le projet d'aménagement du parc Lansdowne par un consortium de promoteurs immobiliers de la région, lancent une pétition dans l'espoir de faire avorter les démarches de la Ville.

La campagne contre le projet Lansdowne Live, regroupant les hommes d'affaires Roger Greenberg, William Shenkman, John Ruddy et Jeff Hunt, sera officiellement mise de l'avant jeudi par le conseiller du secteur où se trouve le parc, Clive Doucet.

L'élu du quartier Capitale dit aussi avoir l'appui des huit autres conseillers ayant voté contre le projet lors de la réunion du conseil municipal du 23 avril dernier. Par un vote de 14-9, les élus ont décidé d'entrer en négociations pendant 60 jours avec les partenaires privés pour conclure un entente sur l'avenir du parc.

La campagne vise aussi à recueillir les idées des résidants comme le visait le concours de design international mis de l'avant par la Ville. Celui-ci a été mis sur la glace lorsqu'elle a reçu la proposition non sollicitée du consortium.

«À la fin des soixante jours, nous aurons notre propre plan», indique le conseiller Doucet.

Le conseiller Georges Bédard se range derrière l'initiative de son collègue, opposé au fait que la Ville ait tourné le dos au processus d'appel d'offres.

«Donner le parc à un seul groupe de gens d'affaires et de leur dire que c'est à eux de développer le projet, c'est absolument inacceptable comme approche. Il n'y a pas eu d'appel d'offres, car les deux projets étaient indépendants l'un de l'autre», indique M. Bédard.

Yeah, that's Clive Doucet again, "officially" going against Lansdowne Live. I guess what he's been doing until now has not been official.

He wants people to submit stories and pictures of their memories of Lansdowne Park, as well as share what their vision is.

So...I'll play along. I'm going to share some memory of a great night out with friends either during the Renegades or Rough Rider days and send him a swell picture of Frank Clair Stadium.

Here's what I love about this; he SO badly wants this design competition to go restart. But while it was on, about 70% of participants said that a stadium at Lansdowne Park was important. So whatever set of criteria would be created for anyone to submit a bid would therefore need to include a stadium.

this is a transparent attempt to cause the Lansdowne Live group to miss their deadlines with the CFL. The only people who want this design competition are the people in the neighborhood. Fewer than 150 people participated in the first phase and second phases, and less than 80 participated online. People can't be bothered with this nonsense because they see it for what it is; a designed time-waster under a pretty name.

So while the Mayor is away, Clive wants to play dirty pool..........

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Rethink Lansdowne plan: Doucet
May 08, 2009 5:46 a.m.

Capital Ward Coun. Clive Doucet has launched a Lansdowne Needs You! campaign aimed at halting negotiations between the city and the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group to redevelop the park.

On April 22, city council voted 14-9 in favour of entering into 60-days of negotiations for a sole-source development deal with OSEG, headed by Minto CEO Roger Greenberg.

With Mayor Larry O’Brien on hiatus, Doucet said only four councillors would have to change their minds.

Doucet is calling on people across the city to sign a petition and help to develop an alternate vision of the park that can be presented when the OSEG proposal comes back to council.

“We’re going to have to have our vision of the park nailed down and sold at the end of the 60 days,? he said. “We have to turn those heads out beyond the greenbelt to get them to understand that Lansdowne Park is their park. It’s about them.?

Without accessible mass transit for Lansdowne Park, Ian Lee, director of the MBA program at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business, called the OSEG proposal a “terrible business plan.?

Lee said a sole-source contact reduces transparency and violates all the practices that governments and business schools across North America teach.

But College Ward Coun. Rick Chiarelli said the city has already tried Doucet’s approach, with disastrous results 12 years ago.

“The Lansdowne Live proposal takes probably the top four groups you’d want bidding and brings them all together and offers a solution that ends up being no cost to the taxpayer,? he said.

Despite coverage on both sides of the river, the petition has all of 200 signatures on it as I write this.

I'll sleep like a baby tonight.

Has anyone considered the idea of creating more 'green space' at Lansdowne simply by painting the entire stadium green?


Reminds me of that commercial for taco shells about all the different ways that people have tried to make their tacos stand up, until some kid says "why don't we just make them with flat bottoms?"

Somehow I don't think your idea will fly, though I'm tempted to suggst it just to be annoying.

I did point out that right now, even making a third of the place into park space is a huge improvement on the current situation. Right now, the only green at Lansdowne Park is the grass growing through the cracks in the parking lot.

I'm fed up with people who think that having a stadium on the site ruins their ability to enjoy a park, then in the same breath complain that the stadium would only be used 10 times a year. Well, doesn't that give you a 350+ day advantage over me then?

Even better: Turf seating! Watchng football could be turned into a picnic-like event… :smiley:

Just hope they don’t water your seat too close to the start of the game…