Another poorly officiated game

Wow the cfl is starting to look like a high school league with the poor officiating. Calling another offside by control Center but 3 plays earlier offence offside by 2 yards. Maybe the officials including the ones at control Center need to do weekly drug and alcohol tests. What a joke.

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Not saying Ottawa would have won but come on men and women do your jobs.

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The mighty NFL has the same issues too

I've noticed this over the last couple of games, especially the receivers.

I've seen some bad calls in the NFL and that league has a LOT more money for training and assistance.

I didn't see any ticky tacky calls from the officials . Given the weather , perhaps they decided to let the players play . I had no problems with the zebras . :+1:

Pat Lynch (I lived through the Paul Dojack era :roll_eyes:)


But look at the stats of most NFL games and you will see a lot less penalties. Yes, offsides and false starts but the NFL seems to let the DBs and receivers battle it out, many interference calls in the CFL just wouldn't be called in the NFL. I think that's one reason why more passing yardage in the NFL the past few years.
And holding calls! that's always an interpretation by the refs, does the player have his arm hooked around the other player? I get the blatant shirt grabbing preventing someone from moving but they have to ease up on holding too.

I think it's funny when we have CFL fans bragging that we have great referees in the CFL, yes they see and call everything and that is not good.

I've watched and been around the CFL for 42 years and I don't recall ever hearing that even once. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Not calling PI would REDUCE scoring. The original XFL tried this 20 years ago. They thought that letting WRs and DBs be more physical would be more fun to watch. They were beyond wrong. Passing yards and scoring was so limp that they had to change the rule mid season.

I will agree with you that holding in the NFL is absolutely blatant. The league obviously directs its officials to be lenient on holding since the vast majority of fans can't tell what a hold looks like anyways and prefer seeing a pass completed downfield rather than a piece of nylon and a delay. The NFL is really just a TV show after all.

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I've heard CFL fans say that about officiating at NFL games. I read it a few times on the NFL comments on the "other sports" here on CFLca. Calls that were missed and CFL fans saying "our CFL refs would've called that, our refs are so much better"
or the CFL refs called a "perfect game"

That's not true.

OK. That was one guys opinion in a thread from 6 years ago that went absolutely nowhere. Maybe there is the odd fan that "brags" about CFL refs but that is few and far between.

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CFL officials are like anyone.... we can all have bad days on the job. And the fact that there has been consistency in the badness can be attributed to rust. Just like many teams are experiencing.

Bottom line... after almost 2 years off, rust is the main opponent for everyone.

Anybody see the Edmonton vs. Calgary Labour Day game? I think we witnessed one of the biggest jokes in officiating I've ever seen.

They called an Illegal Block on Calgary. Then after some deliberation they changed the penalty to Illegal Block Edmonton. Then after another delay the ref announces that "There was NO infraction on the play".

I think some of these refs need to give urine samples. Who knows what their smoking? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The man we all loved to hate in BC, haven't heard that name in a long time

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I thought that the refs did a decent job last night, not perfect but far from bad or subpar.


We only had 3 penalties for a total of 30 yards.
1 each on special teams return and coverage plus 1 on defense.
Hard to complain about that.

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Please don't ever bring up that name again. Please! Please!

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Jake Ireland. Al McColman

You guys are completely ruining my day.

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Just that the CFL refs have never created controversies like the Tuck Rule, Fail Mary in their game.

The CFL refs are better than their NFL counterparts. Just that the CFL have introduced new referees in the game. Another thing that is missed that the NFL and the CFL had a joint official exchange/symposium that was cancelled because of the pandemic(understandably so)

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