Once again, the Lions defence stunk it up. Can we hire Dave Ritchie back? The present DC doesn’t have any answers. Glatt at middle LB isnt working out. Where’s Barrin Miles this season?

Then there’s the Special Teams coverage, which was really poor. Can Pottinger tackle? McCallum played well though.

Offence - nice first drive. Logan was awesome. Jackson was brutal after drive 1 and should lose the starting job. 75 yards passing in almost 3 quarters? Of course, the oline was so pathetic its hard to blame Jarious completely. Maybe we should hold every play like the Stamps did?

I like what Wally did to juice our RB situation - did Smith sit in his garden last night? - Maybe its time Wally did something similar with our starting left tackle? Bates is having a brutal year and seems uninterested. Where’s the passion?

This team is in big trouble, especially defensively and in the HEART department.

Despite all this, we still had a shot tonight. The refs seemed to hate the Leos tonight - letting Geroy take a shot in the back when he’s on his knees was poor. The pass interference call on the last drive was a huge play and a brutal call. All night it looked like the Stamp slots were going offside, yet they let it go. Fine with me but call it even all game, instead of the cheesy call against Geroy on 3rd and 10.

Frustrating night. Hope we make the playoffs.

The D line did look like Swiss cheese at times.
I hope we can make it to the Western final and poor it on, when it really counts.

Finishing in 1st place last year did not payoff, but I'm know it will be different in the playoffs this year.


don't know whats going thru your double dig IQ dirty 30 but this was one of the most battled games yet in the CFL and it was anyones game! you must not know football real well! this one could have gone either way! i keep forgetting no matter how well played a game the people on the side line who have never ever played football are the first to be sum kind of dumb ass expert! I have! Calgary deserved this 1! but can't wait for the rematch!

Sure it could have gone either way - that doesn't mean we are playing well! Apparently your solution is to say "OK lets keep the ship going in the direction of the reef". 75 yards passing by JJ after 3 quarters? 30+ points a game allowed? A 4-4 RECORD? Thats OK with you? I'll guarantee you its not OK with Wally!

The very fact its acceptable to you shows everything I need to know about your football IQ and your competitive spirit. Before you assume I've never played the game (actually did for 9 years, 5 of which were post-secondary) or coached (entering my 12th season) and act like a child by calling me "dumb ass", maybe you should check the mirror and realize that you accept losing, which makes you a LOSER! If Wally Buono had your attitude, he would have been fired after his first year in Calgary.

Try posting an intellectual comment instead of name calling. Disagree if you want, but make it valid. SHOW WHY I OR ANY BC FAN SHOULD ACCEPT OUR RECORD AFTER WHERE WE WERE LAST SEASON!

I think the bottom line is that maybe this team is not as good as as most of us are lead to believe. Age or complacency? It could be the fact that the Lions have done well over the years and their low draft choices are catching up to them now. Again we need a middle linebacker. Glatt decent Canadian but too much responsibility for his skill. We need more creativity on offence. Time after time teams who have been successful develop this "snobbish" or arrogant attitude and don't feel they need to be creative. I seen this happen at all levels of football. Like it's below to do a trick play. In my opinion, do what it takes to win.
Lions take note...there are many hardcore fans but many of the fans who fill the seats are very fickle.

I agree with most of the comments, but the bottom line is the better team won , and its not to late to pull together and play with some fire in the belly. Buck has a chance now to shine and kick some butt the next game.They need to focus all the negative shit on their next opponent.

I hope that's the case but part of me remains skeptical as I have heard this many times. Most of us feel that the Lions are like a can of beans ...waiting to explode,but I don't think that is going to happen. Some people will be content with seeing the Global highlights of Corey Banks intercepting a ball for a TD. I also see his untimely penalties and opponents getting key first downs on him. The Lions are a good team but they are in a uphill battle.

It is TIME to END this experiment at QB. Wally must see how obvious it has become that Jarious IS NOT a starter in this league. The time has come to CHANGE QBs. Give Buck the ball and let him run with it. Now I now that there are more issues than just the starting QB position but with but at the controls the Lions will put up better offensive number than they currently are. WAKE UP WALLY, and just admit that you made a mistake and kept the WRONG QB in the off-season. It is ok, we all make mistakes.

I have to admit Jarious makes me nervous every time he throws the ball.Strong arm but can't or slow finding secondary receiver. Buck on the other hand has not been consistent. Could be lack of playing time and his injuries.Honestly he has not looked too good after his first season when he came into relieve whoever was the starting QB. With Simon,Clermont,Paris and now Logan they should be alot better than they are.

Another game where the Leo defense was suspect. These teams are really evenly matched, but all season I've been really frustrated with this D that doesn't seem to have the answers much of the time.

Most frustrating is a brilliant final-minute drive by Pierce, only to have three failed attempts to get into the end zone from the 1-yard line. Three badly failed attempts, I might add -- gawd that was embarrassing.

thie team sucksssssssssssssss, i have had it.

i am not going to another game this year selling my seaon son tickets any body want them , i will sell the rest for $100.oo

get back to me they are in sec 21 row a seat 101, 102

Too many mistakes period! I was really ######,especially when they had three chances from the one and could not get it in! How many more mistakes do they have to make before they correct things. A disturbing trend to say the least. Here is to what they did do good tonight! Well on to the next game and hopefully they can put a better game together.

dupsdell ... i hope you break your ankle jumping off the bandwagon. show some character and stick with them. gripe if you want, but be a REAL fan.

Most frustrating is a brilliant final-minute drive by Pierce, only to have three failed attempts to get into the end zone from the 1-yard line. Three badly failed attempts, I might add -- gawd that was embarrassing.

This embarrassing how many do you think will so up at bc know for the sask game i say not even 30.000, i will not be there.

stay home then and play crib.

why would you go, in fact how many are going to that sask game? let me know if you are i bet 70 percent say no

Uther than the end result I thought Pierce looked very good for his first full game. The team they played is a good team too, and at home. You could be upset for the loss, but like you were told there is no reason to jump off the bandwagon.

You can live in the past all you want! this is a new season! Champions lose and come back, and not make the same mistake! winning isn't everything! playing your best and being defeated means on that given day at that given time someone played better than you! nobody in history keeps winning forever! if you can't accept losing you don't appreciate winning! My teams have won and my teams have lost! losing doesn't always make you a loser, it just means someone was better that day! you really need to drop the attitude and grow up a bit!

My bet is your teams have done a lot more losing than winning.

If you want me to show you respect, then apologize for your namecalling. If you're not man enough for that, then the attitude you get will continue to reflect what you give.

To quote Lombardi.... "if winning isn't important, then why do they keep score?"

With no offense intended to Lions fans, I think the Lions' record isn't so much a reflection of your team's struggles as it is an indication of how much stronger the West has gotten in the past few years. The Eskimos, cellar-dwellers for the past two seasons, are now looking like a sleeper to make the Grey Cup final. Calgary seems to have all the right pieces on both sides of the ball. The Riders, despite their injuries, are still the defending Grey Cup champs. In this kind of environment, it is going to be very tough for one team to be dominant.

Don't forget, this is the first loss you guys suffered to an Eastern Division team. Considering how tight the West this season, you could finish the season 9-9 but still wind up hoisting the Cup at year's end.