Another Poll Skewed By Bomber Fans...

and that has what to do with what?
What I said was in response to

LOL you do see how hypocritical that statement is dont you?

To many here, only when a player has them...when they dont its a mark against them

Plus Steigall had an extra 3 weeks holidays every year. That's a lot of beating he never took that Ben did. Playoffs can be tough on a guys longevity, and Ben prevailed, where as Milt was golfing. :lol: :lol:

...the logic in Taleback's post cannot be denied...

sort of arguing which is the better scotch…glenfiddich or glenlivet.

both are great and we are lucky to have been able to enjoy both. incomparable in my minds and who can possibly say definitively who is better… how long is a piece of rope.

always be careful of killer’s nonsense. maybe ro’s too.

i favor Cahoon but so what. Stegal was great no question.

Nice try pretending that's objective fact instead of your own, completely subjective opinion. I like both players. I think both were great on the field and classy off it. I prefer Ben, but that's just personal team preference.

Grey Cups are a team achievement. Winning a Grey Cup doesn't make a player great - it makes the team great.
Um, you do know that players play on a team, right? The team isn't composed of robots. Championships aren't won by 'the team' as a concept. They are won by players (at the level of on-field execution) and coaches (at the level of scheming, playcalling, and game management).

I find it hilarious that people were fine using NOT winning Grey Cups as a slight on individual Als players -- Calvillo being the most frequent target -- but can't bring themselves to give those same players credit for winning Grey Cups. Now, suddenly, it's the amorphous team concept that magically calls plays, completes passes, and scores TDs. :lol:

'Winning a Grey Cup doesn't make a player great' is probably the weirdest football-related statement I've heard this week. I guess all those players who delivered clutch performances in Grey Cup games to help their team win championships need to be reevaluated. Clearly, being an integral part of your team winning the most important prize in the CFL doesn't make you great. :lol:

DP…you always preach that you are the defining poster of respect.

Really??? You are asking this of Blue Blood? A smilie face is too small for your girth and ego to hide behind.

you are REALLY Getting on my nerves with your sactimonious fluff and blather.

I find it regrettable that people feel the need to bash two of the greatest our league have seen to make a point.
They're clearly both elite receivers and were two completely different type of players.

One was a unbelievable sure-handed guy, clutch receiver...the other was one of the greatest game breakers the league has seen.
Both have merit.

I dont see where anyone has bashed either of them

after fernandez that is

Fine - you like Cahoon better. That's your right. I'm not the one who said Milt was 1000 times better and, like Papa, I'm not going to defend the person who said it. When Ro posts back that Cahoon was 1000 times better than Milt then Ro can defend himself. You don't have to disrespect the other player to make the claim which is what Killer and Ro did. And no Ro I don't think I said anything remotely hypocritical. I don't think it's hypocritical to believe that one player was better and still believe that both played hard and are classy individuals.

So because some people said it that means all people meant it? I've said in the past that Montreal has had a great team and that AC is a great QB. I've also made comments about their choking in big games. Doesn't mean I thought AC isn't a great QB.

Lots of players have played on Grey Cup winning teams. Are you saying that all of them are great players because they have a ring? Is Eric Deslauriers a great WR because he has GC rings? Was Marcus Crandall a great QB because he has a ring? I guess Brian Kelly was a better receiver than Cahoon and Milt since he's got 5 rings.

Tempest in a teapot. Some Als fans think Cahoon the superior receiver, while some Bomber fans think Stegal was superior. Nothing surprising there.

The truth lies here:

Personally, I'd be tempted to take Hal Patterson in his prime over either.

That I agree with. Stegall was flamboyant, Cahoon was the no-nonsense type, but both were classy in their own, and both were obviously extraordinary players.

Lots of players have played on Grey Cup winning teams. Are you saying that all of them are great players because they have a ring? Is Eric Deslauriers a great WR because he has GC rings? Was Marcus Crandall a great QB because he has a ring? I guess Brian Kelly was a better receiver than Cahoon and Milt since he's got 5 rings.
Faulty logic. Your statement assumes that every player on a team is equally important in winning a championship. That's a flawed assumption. Obviously Eric Deslauriers and Brian Kelly are not better than Ben Cahoon and Milt Stegall. Ben Cahoon has twice been named the Grey Cup's Most Outstanding Canadian -- obviously he has had a significant impact in championship games when everything is on the line. Calvillo controlled the game within the last 8 minutes of the 2009 Grey Cup, passing for two TDs and a two-point convert while getting the team into range for the game-winning field goal. Obviously he had more of an impact on the game than, say, a backup O-lineman or a reserve receiver.

You seem to think that because football is a team sport, we can't give individuals credit for team accomplishments in a championship context, which is completely without basis in logic. And moreover, your own position doesn't even stand up, because if what you're saying is true, then Stegall's personal stats are dependent on every single player who played for the Bombers, and thus aren't a reflection of him -- just the team. See how silly this stance is? Sure, the O-line had to block in order for the QB to find Stegall for a TD catch, but Milt still had to get open, make the catch, and find the end zone -- so he receives credit as he should. Similarly, our O-lin had to block in order for Calvillo to find Cahoon for a crucial late-quarter TD in the 2009 Grey Cup, but Ben still had to get open and make the catch in the end zone. Ben's ability to elevate in pressure situations is part of why he has three Grey Cup rings on his fingers.

If Ben had been invisible in Grey Cup games, I would very willing to agree with your contention that his championship rings shouldn't speak to his personal achievements, but he hasn't been invisible, at all. He has been an impact player in Grey Cup games.

Stegall was out and down post pattern type. Cahoon was a circus catch in traffic type, 2 down money. If I was building a team I would probably choose Cahoon.

I disagree that the logic is faulty. Winning a Grey Cup is a team effort. It can't be won by one player alone. A great player can be outstanding during a Grey Cup game and his team still lose. A great player can play like crap and his team still win. An average player can be outstanding in a Grey Cup game but that doesn't make him great.

....your last statement is very true blueblood.....a flash in the pan performance in a Cup game does not a star make,,,,It takes a career of polished consistency, at what you do on the football field, to be considered in the 'great' category. I think Milt and Ben have done that as receivers and they are both deserving of a place in the HOF.. :wink: :thup:

Bill Munsey ring a bell, papa?

How about James Johnson? Since I have no clue who this guy is (I assuming because it was way before my time) I thought I would go a bit more recent.

....i keep mixing him up with 'Hamhands' Harrison...who pulled off a career td. in a Cup game for the leos....What did Munsey do again MJ???? mean Johnson who picked one of your current qbs. pocket in the 07 Cup...(one of which I still contend hit the turf first)....Where or where is he today....last seen packing his bags in the Peg.. :lol:

In the 1964 Grey Cup, Munsey, a DB with the Lions, was pressed into double duty when their starting fullback, one Bob Swift, went down to injury. He scored 2 TDs in that Grey Cup, both in the third quarter. . . first was an 18 yard run after taking a handoff from Joe Kapp, and then later in that same quarter Bernie Faloney lateralled to Hamilton RB Johnny Counts, who fumbled, Munsey recovered and ran 71 yards for his second TD. BC 34, Hamilton 24.

But yes, JJ is another one. . . player of the game in the Grey Cup, then vanished off the face of the earth as far as the CFL is concerned. Dinwiddie made him the star of the game I suppose.