Another Poll Skewed By Bomber Fans...

no no no, I do not think he is 1000 times better, just better. Might have something to do with me not liking Milt period.

How long have we been posting here Pappa?
You should know by now that I dont care what anyone else believes( that sounds worse than I want it to)

We all have our opinions.

....Oh it's coming out.....dislike for Milt ...equals inferior player... :lol: c'mon Billy you can do better than that..I'll give Cahoon credit...he was a good baller...a very different one than Milt...but good....Milt was super good....I think the so-called 'skewed poll' probably has your answer....It was in favour of Milt...But everyone has their likes and dislikes :lol:

Still don't get that I said the "skewed poll" tongue-in-cheek , eh papa? Since there is a debate over this, I would take Cahoon over Milt... Milt may have the career TD mark, but how many GC's does he have? Oh that's right, none.. while Cahoon has 3... I agree different receivers , but Ben seemed to have been more clutch than Milt..

......the problem is sambo....the majority in the poll doesn't agree with you.. AND that's without the rings :wink: As far as catches go....just go back a few years and replay the pass from Glenn to Milt that won that one in the last min. for the Bombers in edm....Tough to top that one ....but i digress....Guess we'll have to agree to disagree :wink:

LOL. Cahoon not Canadian?
Um when you're born to Canadian (born) parents, automatically you have Canadian citizenship. So as Ro said, he could have been born on jupiter, he'd still be a Canadian...

Secondly, not clutch? All the guy does is catch balls down the middle, on second and long.
Go back and watch the end of the 2009 Grey Cup and tell me he's not clutch.

Killer you're out to lunch on this one. Cahoon is one of the greatest to ever play. His individual stats and Grey Cups speak for themselves. Not to mention his unquestionable class.

.....I;m not going to defend killer....he can do that for himself....But if you're putting Milt and Cahoon on the same team...AND I, as a qb. have to choose a primary receiver....hmmmmm tough call ,,but i'm throwing to Milt... Ben next AND that's without a bit of bias..:wink:

And there it is!
Every time someone disagrees about a team, or a player, or a coach...someone has to play the hate/dislike card. You know it is possible to have reasons to disagree without any of them being hate!

Actually its very each to top that "CATCH"! There was nothing spectacular about the catch itself what was spectacular was the timing of the play not the catch. The catch itself was routine, aided by the fact that the defender fell. Would Milt have won the footrace to the endzone had the defender not falled? Who knows, he didnt have to

Ben's helmet catch against the riders was a far better CATCH. I will also put his 2000 Grey Cup Catch against BC as equal to was not as long of a run but it also was a TD in the dying seconds.
As a catch, there was another Grey Cup game were he made the same type of catch as Green. A diving, stretched out, one handed catch that was far superior to Milts.

its number 4 in this video

Last year in Hamiton he made another catch that beat MIlts...he dove straight out caught the ball while horizontal...tucked his shoulder and rolled....Much better catch it is also in the video

Again...I am talking about the catch its self(because you said catch)....not the circumstances of the catch which you are confusing

...okay ro...if you're talking catches.,,,,and catches that made a difference because that's just as much part of the equation in the receiving won't find ANY catch that got play all over this country and the states like Milts catch in that edm. game...give me a break....AND I can recall some unbelievable snags by comes to mind in Regina where he was double covered ...smacked at the goal-line fell forward and caught the ball in the end-zone with a defender in his face... ALSO..I was not the one bringing in the 'dislike' was Billy his post......I don't dislike any player in this league...i just appreciate some players efforts more than others...As for your comment ...Ben Cahoon was a 1000 times better than Milt..... :lol: ..What league have you been watching ...look up the records???? :lol:..

You asked for someone to top Milts catch...I believe I did

My bad I missed Billy's post

Are you saying that this comment is more realistic

LOL What league have you been watching? Look up the records LOL :wink:

....oh no....don't bring killer into this :lol: i have no defence ..(.as an aside ro.....You mentioned previously how long we've been posting.....Has it really been that how time flys when you're having fun :lol: :thup:

You want to talk about a skewed poll, take a look at the current poll at on who is the best defensive co-ordinator in the CFL. Richie Hall has twice as many votes as the next person. And how can Corey Chamblin and Tim Tibesar even be considered in the poll considering neither of them has coached a game as a DC yet.

As for the Milt vs Ben debate - here's another reason why I would choose Milt - 144 TDs to 65 TDs.

Milt never won a Grey Cup, Ben has been Grey Cup Canadian twice in his career, has won 3 Cups, yet somehow Milt has made more important catches than Ben? :lol: :lol:

I like Milt Stegall very much, but this is a ridiculous comparison. They were both great receivers with different strengths. They also played for different teams.

1017 catches compaired to 854
3 grey cup rings to 0
In 1 less season

One thing you have to realise about the TDs
Ben played with Mike Pringle who is the second(tied) for all time TD's

Once the Als got inside the 15-10 yard line............They gave the ball to Pringle..Im not saying that Ben would have scored as many as Milt...But it does account for a lot of the difference

Cahoon - 1,017 catches - 13,301 yards
Stegall - 854 catches - 15,153 yards

If you want to use Grey Cup rings only as a means to determine greatness then I guess that means John Konihowski was a better receiver than Cahoon since he's got 4 rings.

Look, they were both great players, but apples and oranges as far as the roles they occupied on their respective teams.

comparing these two different types of receivers with different skill sets, is like comparing a corner to a safety


not even doug flutie was 1000:1 better than any deserving starter in the league, at any time.


judging a players capability by whether or not he has a street named after him in some rinky dink hick city?

double sheesh.

Stegall over Cahoon by a nudge

AC over anyone WPG has had at QB since Matt Dunigan, by a country mile

If you want to use stats then you use stats and grey cup rings are a stat...
As I pointed out, for years AC and the Als were not given any respect because of a lack of GC wins....Now that they have them they are not important. Well you dont get to pick and chose which and when you use a stat and when you dont

Milt had more yards and TDs
Ben had more catches and more rings but in less time.

They were also used in different ways.
Milt used his height and speed
Ben used his hands and toughness

If you want to believe Milt was better....Great believe it.
I believe that Cahoon was better

One thing I will say is that I agree with ro's assessment of the general double standard on GC rings. Before 2009, all I heard was how my Als were chokers and not really great because they only had one Grey Cup win. Now we have two more championships and suddenly championships don't speak to personal achievement? :roll:

I’m not the one who said:

Cahoon out played and out classed Stegal 1000:1
Both players were great. I think Stegall was better, you don't - that's fine. But Cahoon never outplayed or outclassed Stegall.

Grey Cups are a team achievement. Winning a Grey Cup doesn’t make a player great - it makes the team great.