Another Poll Skewed By Bomber Fans...

Exactly, I know your tricks Sambo!

It was a joke, but it was also a jab at those who complain incessantly about Rider fans skewing all the polls... most of them are glorified popularity contests, but didn't a Bomber player win the Pepsi refresh challenge not too long ago? Just shows you that Riders do not win polls all the time...

To win that Reebok Best Move voting we had to make deals with other team's fans and hope for a backlash on Rider nation so people would vote against Rider players. Plus with the Bombers offense as bad as it was, we were compensating by voting more.

So you rigged the results? Nice... I think Reebok would have a thing or two to say about that...

Making "I'll vote for you if you vote for me" deals isn't rigging.

I disagree with that..I could see it in a humorous way if it was the receiver poll, but now where money is involved, it really shows pettiness on your part, but hey, at least it went to a good cause... rigging is making sure that a specific person or group doesn't win a poll, election, etc... you made it so that the Rider player would not win, and to make sure that yours did... that is out and out cheating.. and you can spin it any way you want to... but the bottom line is, polls are made here to get fans' opinions, and is usually for entertaiment only.. but this was for cash, so your guy's victory should be invalidated, and all the other participants receive money for their causes.

I said it was the 2009 Reebok Best Move competition, not the 2010 Pepsi Refresh Challenge. And there was no money involved for the player who won the Best Move voting. Doug Brown got an award at the Awards Ceremony - not money. There was no organized effort for the Pepsi Refresh contest that I know of - only thing I saw were reminders to vote.

If you consider what happened in 2009 to be cheating then don't get all high and mighty because Rider fans were cheating as were Als fans, Lions fans, Eskimos fans, etc. We know for a fact that there were Rider fans who had multiple voting accounts (I'm not saying fans for other teams didn't as well because I'm sure they did) plus there was a Rider fan who had his account deleted in the first days of the poll because he had created some type of program that gave him hundreds of points after the first couple days. I also know Rider fans tried to make deals for votes as well. We knew what they were doing and they knew what we were doing because we read each other's forums.

In politics, this kind of deal voting is called "situtational voting". It happens in ridings where there is an "anyone but" mindset. I don't recall anyone calling that cheating.

I wasn't able to add to my other post but I wanted to point out that the Pepsi Refresh Challenge was set up so that you could only vote 3 times per day from the same IP address. So it wasn't possible to create multiple accounts, etc. by any fans.

Personally I don't believe the efforts to trade votes had much effect on the outcome of the Best Move vote. I think a bigger impact was the availability of Reebok coupons that gave something like 100 bonus points with each coupon. Rider fans were complaining that they weren't getting them from the Rider store when they bought Rider Reebok gear but the Bomber store was still handing them out right up to the end of the contest.

So cry a little more about it. :lol:

As usual, nothing really to add to the convo, eh Chief?

I'm sorry, Sambo, did I touch a nerve? :cry:

Hmm... look at this way Chief.. if the Rider player had won that Pepsi challenge, then all the usual people would have been in here complaing about how Rider fans skew the polls in their favour... hence the thread title... if Blue Blood had kept quiet, the thread still could have been in good humour... :?

Again, what does this have to do with the Pepsi Challenge. You keep bringing that up. No one is talking about the voting of the Pepsi Challenge except you.

Rider fans at their forum had no problem with the efforts by Bomber fans to get Doug Brown the Best Move contest. In fact they seemed to enjoy it quite a bit as they used it as fodder to make fun of Mike Kelly and the 2009 Bombers.

a poll is only oppinion, so it can't really be skewd by fans voting for what they want. if that was the case then every election ever was skewd by the people that liked the guy that won. winning a poll doesn't make you the best, merely the most popular in the poll.

honestly top 5 receievers of all time in the cfl... i wouldnt put cahoon in there at all.

he was decent but he wasnt a game changer...and technically isnt even canadian so i think, if u take out the fact that tsn trumpets him as cdn and they let him be cdn eventho he really isnt, mtl had the benefit of starting just 6 cdn players most his career as cahoon is actuallly american, ask him, he'll tell u he's american.

u gotta remember, was cahoon on mtl when they were in baltimore? dudes played with the best qb of all time possibly in ac his whole career, that makes a difference. give him sammy garza, tj rubley or whatever other trash milt played with and i dont think his numbers are as good and quite honestly, u play for 15 years.. u gonna put up some numbers, like damon allen, ppl say he's the best qb in the cfl.. well if i played till i was 50, id put up a ton of numbers too.

grey cup rings, thats awesome.. great team accomplishment.. TEAM accomplishment.. individually tho.. stegall is 1000 x the receiver cahoon was.

i dunno, is dan marino not as good of a qb as say troy aikman or ben rothelisberger... cuz i mean aikman and big ben have super bowl rings, dan marino does not. grey cup rings/ super bowls.. they are team awards.

No I don’t believe he would say he is not Canadian

[url=] ... ben-cahoon[/url]
What do you say to those who complain that you’re a non-import, but not a Canadian? It’s irritating when people say that. My grandfather, who served in the Canadian navy in World War II, probably doesn’t appreciate it. My parents were born and raised in Alberta and lived there until they were 38. I spent my childhood there. My grandparents on both sides and great-grandparents on both sides are native Canadians. All my extended family still live in Alberta. I definitely benefited from being a non-import, but for people to say I’m a fake Canadian is ignorant
. He was born in Utah while his Canadian Parents were visiting there. He is Canadian, and American

That part makes me laugh.
Go find the thread about AC not being voted as one of the top 50 players of all time. In that thread there are people who say he is not a great QB. It is only because his recievers make him look great.
Now we have a thread about one of his recievers and it’s the QB that makes the reciever look great

Same thing here.....AC untill last year only won one Cup Other QB won more so they were better QBS.
Now with Cahoon VS Stegal....Cahoon won 3 Stegal won ZERO and cups are meaningless because its a team award

As for me
Cahoon out played and out classed Stegal 1000:1

Ro, don't bother. He's a teenager who was probably 9 years old when the Als won the 2002 Grey Cup. As if he's in a position to evaluate Cahoon's career. :lol:

I000 times better....kinda blowing your guy up a bit aren't you ro... :lol: ..I don't think ANYONE in this league would believe that tripe
In any case when Ben gets a street named after him in Mont. like Milt Stegal has in the Peg then we'll talk...till then I'm taking my man Milt over Cahoon any day :wink:

Personally if I was to draft a team of players from throughout history, I would pick Cahoon over Stegall. Might have something to do with the way they handled themselves on and off the field, but also because Cahoon is the most clutch reciever I have seen.
My $.02 you agree with the statement Cahoon is a 1000 times better than Milt :lol: ...I think you'd probably get disagreement from 93 percent of the league.....just my two cents :wink: