Another Poll Skewed By Bomber Fans...

:twisted: A poll on the site's homepage is being skewed by those Bomber fans... on who was the greatest receiver of all-time in the CFL... they are voting for Stegall, when clearly Cahoon is the better receiver... and has 3 GC rings to prove it... :wink:

Coming from a Sask fan, the nation's capitol of rigged polls this is hilarious :lol:

OH LAWDY! :lol:

.....3 cup rings......the same amount the riders have in total since inception :lol: ...
.Ben Cahoon was an amazing receiver for his time in the league
.Milt Stegall was amazing times 2.. I also believe Milt set a few records in his career, without the benefit of playing with a high calibre qb. ,such as Anthony Calvillo :wink:

...nice try sambo :lol:

I like Ben...he is amazing, but I also think Milt was better. When you get into that level, it is so close...each is amazing. the best of all time is still an NFLer though....Rice

the greatest receiver ever in the CFL was Fernandez. He just didnt stick around long enough to get records.

Just like Flutie was way better than Damon Allen

of the names mentioned in the poll, there were a few others I would like to choose, as well as some not named, but in the end, gotta hand it to stegall

I don't think it's skewed at all. Stegall and Cahoon both deserve to be in the conversation. To me, Grey Cup rings aren't a good measure of a receiver's talent. Not Stegall's fault that the Bombers weren't able to put together a championship team while he was there.

I also find it hilarious that this thread was started by a Rider fan. As a group, Rider fans are the worst offenders when it comes to skewing polls.

Or for any current 4th year college students to witness for that matter. Just think, in another year, your current Doctor, Accountant and Lawyer have never witnessed a Bomber Cup. :lol: :lol:

Is it Labour Day weekend already? :o

Haha, at least it’s good to see Sambo has a sense of humor though.
The irony of a Rider fan making such a comment is pure gold.

yeah…ridernation seems to be able to skew the odd poll (catch of the year cough cough)

jonesstegall (all time qbreceiver combo cough cough)

I would think Holloway/Greere or Moon/Kelly might have something to say about that.

Both great receivers, and both are very different receivers.
I think Cahoon had the better hands, but didn't have the speed for the second half of his career to be the long ball type receiver that Stegal was.
Both are hall of famers though and all around good guys.

Tho it didn't last too long, Dickenson and Simon ripped apart every defense in the league with ease.

WTH, it's slow and a good time for a troll post (from a riderfan of course).

Ben Cahoon, some of the best hands I have seen from any receiver, enough said.

Another poll skewed by BOMBER fans? Rider fans are NOTORIOUS for skewing every CFL related poll. They always vote for the Rider, not who they actually think is deserving. It's thanks to Rider fans that SJ Green got robbed of the TSN catch of the year award. SJ's catch was the sickest catch I've ever seen. CFL or NFL.

Maybe, but its too bad that good troll posts by Rider’s fans are as common as Rider’s Grey Cup victories.

For all of you mentioning how Rider fans skew polls, I think that was the joke Sambo was trying to make :roll:

But it's fun to see the reactions of all the people who thought he was serious, don't ya think?