Another OTTAWA circus show!!

Just like I said when they took over the Gades,that they were going to fail again(What did I say).You get these 2 goof balls that know!!*?#@! abou the cfl and business.It never surprises me when the CFL is doing dumb things like letting the 2 Gleibermans come back,I know I'd kick both their asses out of town for good!!! The CFL is finally going in the right direction and they take a big step backwards and now Winnepeg is singing the same tune!!! Mr.Wright get a handle on the situation because the other teams can't keep bailing out others!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I think the CFL was just too nice, if you will, letting the Gliebs back in. They should have waited for better money from a perceived better owner with really deep pockets, as hard as this would be to turn away someone with money like the Gliebs had. Bernie Glieberman is probably a very nice man and probably hard to turn away.
Ok, the CFL was nice and let him back in and they made a mistake, time to move on with this situation now and get better ownership, keep the Gades afloat this year because if they don't, football in Ottawa is dead for a very long time I'm afraid.

You've always got to watch who you hire, harder to fire than to hire. Sometimes tough love is the only way to go but as I said, tough to turn away money from a nice man, real tough. But it should have been done. The CFL cannot afford to make such a mistake again because there will be no more next time.

.......oh why oh why did we not all listen to was apparently right there in our face and if we had only listened to him we wouldn't be in this predicament......memo to Tom Wright: before doing ANYTHING make sure you've cleared it with johnsobo, apparently he has the proverbial crystal ball that makes decision making really simple and totally error-free....

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You honestly wonder why comments like that are always removed?!?

Electrical engineers know what, about computer and internet protocols?
Big meaningless talk there FRED

Pay close attention to number 3 All of your posts that have been removed fall into that categorie

Gotta love that kind of comment ! Mod are very patient around here Fred, I've seen people banned from forum for less than that. Behave like a man Superman !

Ok. Your comment I will accept.

The thread that was removed was similar to this one with comments about Ottawa and the team problems. People were responding to it and it was turning into intelligent comments from others of why Ottawa isnt getting it together. Suddenly it disappeared. I didnt see any valid reason for pulling that one off the air.

.....was it worded in a manner that was derogatory or insulting to the people of Ottawa?.....

See point number 3 of the forum guidlines.

I didnt think it was. But we see very little fan support from Ottawa. No gatherings to support their team, just big money and big money politics.
Having gone to high school in the area you can feel a difference in the air in Ottawa than in other cities. The comments I made came from a friend that has lived in Ottawa all her life and who noticed the difference in other cities and made the comments to me that I repeated.

I stirred the pot a little and people responded saying that I was right or I was nothing but a bag of wind, but at least we were talking. About three serious responses were made and then the thread disappeared.

Maybe I should have started with "It was a ....................... in Ottawa.

I dont know, maybe peeps just need a winning seasons to connect ? When the Als came back to Montreal, things start a bit slow there too. Maybe it was the big-O, but crowd were modest. And ooops one game in the McGill stadium couple with winning, and the love story just began. Maybe the Rens fans in hidding need a weird breack too.

hey Red&White(must be a StampsFan?).You don't agree with the me that the Gleibermans' were trouble from the get-go? The league needs to think the whole process out before giving a group of yahoos a team just beacuse they put $$ upfront or whatever they put up.Mr.Wright should know this by now,isn't he a lawyer?

.......just buggin ya.......the reality was that there were no hordes of owner's bashing down the commish's office door when Ottawa found themselves in this trouble last year and while the Gliebs may not have been the best owner's at least they tried.....

Have U2 boot the Rens outta Frank Clair... it might work twice...

Maybe the league was too quick to put a team in Ottawa. Maybe they should have waited until a Eugene Melnyck came calling, rather than dragging Watters, Smith, and later Glieberman into a situation that they weren't truly committed to.

Think about it: if we were looking to put a 9th team in Ottawa now, rather than four years ago, wouldn't the list of potential owners be a lot longer, now that the CFL is flourishing across the country? Wouldn't the greater selection have led to more competent owners, who could have made a success of the organization from the start?

But that mistake has been made. We can't change that now. All we can do is find new ownership that the city will support. If someone like Melnyck buys the team, according to most people, the fans will return. If it were my money, I think I'd be willing to gamble that they will.

quoted from Doug Browns column:

Bernie Glieberman, majority owner of the CFL's Ottawa Renegades, started over with similar remarks about his ownership intentions less than a year ago, and yet here we are already calling them in for review.
As revisited by the Ottawa Citizen, Glieberman told us a year ago -- among other things -- that: "We are buying this team for a very long time," and "I've resolved to myself that I have to lose money, money I can afford. I have to make this team competitive and fill the seats."

Sorry Big Dave, but glieberman out and out lied to the CFL and the people of Ottawa, as I said before, he is a crooked sack of cr@p, and the sooner he is out the better.........

Hindsight is 20/20, though ... The CFL had been looking for years to try and put a team back in Ottawa, until they finally did it in 2002. They were really pushing for it, and I think it's good that they did. Ottawa didn't fall flat on their face right out of the gate - far from it - and hosted a successful Grey Cup. Maybe there would be more owners interested in starting a team in Ottawa now than 4 years ago - who's to say? Who's to say the CFL would have got the sponsorship and TV deals with only 8 teams, and no team in Ottawa, a city pushing 2 million? The CFL was also on the upswing 4 years ago. And the original ownership group (although not great) was not bad (compared to the Gliebs), and the key thing was that they were THERE. So in that case - why wait? Who's to say something better will come along, anyway?

I agree that perhaps a team would have been better off had they started now, instead of 4 years ago, but that would also delay adding a 10th team by who-knows-how-much, and it's just so much easier to say these sorts of things now ...

Also, there is still the possibility of people looking around, seeing the boon the CFL has become in 8 out of 9 cities, and thinkign "with a few changes here and there, that could be me in Ottawa". Basically, to an owner, the interest in the CFL - and the fact taht the CFL is growing so well - might outweigh the Renegades' problems.

But I agree Dave, that if Melnyk was to buy the team, the fans would come. Melnyk is obviously competent, and trustworthy. He's proven himself and the fans know it. That's not to say he wouldn't have a lot of work to do ... but if he just takes a look at the Bob Young business model, or the Argos' model, etc (and he seems to be smart enough to do just that), then I feel the Ottawa situation could turn around in a season or two.

Right now, I would argue that if the Renegades were strong, we'd be very, very close to that 10th team. I would also argue that with a Melnyk-esque owner, the Renegades could become strong enough to warrant serious expansion consideration. Barring (very) unforeseen disaster, it is the health of the Renegades that is the only thing in the way of the CFL giving the go-ahead to find an owner for a 10th team.

the only thing that will save the renegades is getting some credible people into that organization, once they start winning the fans will be back, ottawa is no different than any other city........