Another one gone...

The Steelers have signed LB and ST player Derrick Doggett.

I really liked him. I wish him well but part of me hopes we get him back.

While I also am disappointed with the loss of players like Hefney and Doggett, let's consider a couple of things.

Doggett was ranked by NFL Draft Scout as the 10th best Strong Safety in the 2008 draft class, of 134 ranked players, and was projected to be drafted in the 7th round or sign quickly as an undrafted free agent. Due to NFL confusion about his position (SS vs. LB), he was neither. He never even went to an NFL camp, so nobody in the NFL has even seen him stack up against NFL players.

Hefney was ranked by NFL Draft Scout as the 9th best Free Safety in the 2008 draft class, of 134 ranked players, as was projected to be drafted in the 5th or 6th round. He was not drafted, and was waived quickly as a UFA by Tampa Bay before the Eagles took a look at him on the PR and dumped him as well. Never saw any game action for either team, as I recall. The knock on him was that at 5'8", he's too short to play in the NFL.

Essentially, these guys are practically out of college and highly ranked by independent and respected scouting operations. In all fairness, they shouldn't have even been in the CFL to begin with, at least not before they went through the whole NFL PR and multiple cutdown experience. The Bombers were fortunate to even get them when they did - and chances are fairly good that one or both may soon be back.

Don't forget - Toronto lost four starters to the NFL last year (Dorsey, Parker, Sam, Washburn) and all had returned to the club by September. Most of the players that have or will be signed shall be returning by mid-season.

But by September you can be out of contention, they've missed camp and you've had to commit money to others, so it is a royal PITA for the team. I guess Doug Brown cand go on the cover of the media guide again... and sometimes they get injured and/or can't get their game back on track.

All true, I suppose, and I'd certainly welcome them back...but it sure sucks to lose these guys with so much apparent potential...

All the more reason to hang onto Murphy.

Don't forget though, no NFLE or Arena League for the NFL to plunder, leaving only the little ole CFL.

....I know i'm speaking like a 'selfish' Bomber fan when i say....this does nothing for a team trying to get back off the floor after last years debacle....Anyway ....I hope the players like Hefney and Doggett return....You can't deny a man of a great opportunity...especially when our weak agreement with the nfl allows them to do it...they are going to take it...Maybe it'll be rectified in the future... :roll:

It will be interesting to see how Cohon spins this one ?

He refused to renegotiate the deal with the NFL and seems to be taking a similar 'hard line' with the CFLPA.

Any guesses as to what his ultimate goal is ?

Sorry for taking this off track. :smiley:

....i dunno pigseye....with regard to Cohon...i read on another forum that he may be interested and headed for another job to do with the pan-am games.....IF this is true....i hope he doesn't leave us twisting in the wind and i would think negotiations of any substance least as far as he's concerned are doubtful....We'll have to see....Rumours only so far.. :roll:

I don't think pointing to last year's Argos for consolation is going to work...did they even win a game after getting those guys back? There's only so much mid-season upheaval a team can cope with.