Another one bites the dust...

Which cheerleading team is next to have a scandal rock their organization or are there some scandals that we don't hear about publicly...hmmm...

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I need proof!!! :wink:

ya. im gonna need to see the proof too.

Well the december issue of Playboy is now on the stands.
Although did check the lions page and her name is removed form the cheer roster.

check her out here:

Not too bad at all.... :wink:

The More I look at this
The more I say So What
She Took over Clothes for Playboy
If you were offered The Money she was
You may just do it.
Pam Anderson was a Fan at BC Lion Game
Was put the up on the Jumbo Tron at BC Place
then Later Posed for Playboy Cause of that.

BC Over Reacted
Just As the Ticats did a few Seasons ago.
With the Howard Stern and Our Cheerleaders.

Are we trying to go back to This :

The Sexual Revaluation of the1960's Changed things forever.
As the Decades have passed into the New Millennium
Women are now more Liberal Then Ever
Thank god for that.
I am grateful That women have more Choices now.
Family Morals be Dammed if it is not on the Teams Time..
What a Women dose outside the Team's time should not matter.

I Applaude this Women. for making a Choice.
Something we all take for granted..

The Steelers have the best cheerleaders in pro football!
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I don't know Pat I that Raideret is hot.