Another one bites the dust.....NFL version

Perhaps we can start a new league....the PFL


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Seattle Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu was arrested over the weekend for investigation of drunk driving, authorities said.

The three-time Pro Bowler was stopped early Saturday, Kirkland police said. An arrest report said Tatupu had breath tests of 0.155 and 0.158 - the legal limit is 0.08.

The arresting officer wrote he saw a car driven by Tatupu speeding and changing lanes without signalling. The officer said he smelled alcohol, and Tatupu said he had not been drinking.

Tatupu's car was impounded and he was taken to the police station for a breath test. The Seahawks signed Tatupu to a US$42-million contract extension in March.

For 42 million, you'd think he could afford a taxi! :roll:

sometimes I begin to think that some football players are almost as dumb as some hockey players, sigh

It sounds to me like these guys don't know how to handle success properly...

Dominic Rhodes wins the Super Bowl with the Colts and then gets hammered and gets behind the wheel. This guy gets a big contract extension and does the same thing.

Good job guys! :roll:

Success and money Chief. Its both that they find difficult to manage.

sometimes I begin to think that some football players are almost as dumb as some hockey players, sigh

Although at least just about all football players have some university education compared with hockey players. Now, not saying going to university makes you smart or anything and we do know in the US sometimes your athletic ability gets you into university when you probably aren't best suited for university in the first place.
But the decisions some pro athletes make who have the world by the carnoogies baffles me. Get some counselling guys, don't let the millions you can earn go by the wayside, a lot of us aren't making much more than minimum wage out there!!

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I remember hearing lots of stories from people I work with talking about partying all weekend, drinking and driving, etc. and they all kept their jobs.

I know athletes make a ton of money but they're still human. If the drinking doesn't interfere with his playing ability, it should not affect his job in any way other than what has been agreed to in his contract or the bargaining agreement.

Not sure why athletes are held to higher expectations than one's co-workers.

I'll admit I go out and get wasted often... but I never get behind the wheel. I either walk home or I call a cab. I've never approved of drinking and driving...

But it's not just this one incident. Another example of's site:

The Cleveland Browns cut backup defensive back Kenny Wright, who was arrested last month on marijuana possession charges after trying to outrun police in Texas.
Another example from TSN's site:
Former NFL lineman Luis Sharpe was sentenced Friday to six years in prison and four years' probation for a series of drug offences.

The 47-year-old Sharpe played for the St. Louis and Arizona Cardinals from 1982-94 and was a three-time Pro Bowl selection. In a pre-sentence report, Sharpe admitted that he first started using cocaine when he was a 21-year-old rookie in the NFL and it was "the worst mistake I ever made."

These stories come out all the time. Football players have more run-ins with the law than the players of any other sport.

Actually Basketball players have had their share of run-ins with the law.

Yeah? I don't follow baseball that closely, so aside from the steroids scandal, I don't hear much about their players getting into trouble.