Another NFL To Toronto Article

This time in the Globe and Mail, Stephen Brunt tells us the NFL could come to Toronto in a heart beat.

Never mind he prephases this prediction by saying it may take 10 years. But he tells us when it happens, it'll happen fast? Ten years is fast?

I don't know. The CFL season is just about to start. Yet Brunt hasn't written one word on the league. I guess he can't find anyting negative to write about?

And you wonder if Brunt is intentionally trying to diss the CFL by writing this ridiculous NFL to Toronto article, with the Argos season just about to start?

Heaven knows he can't promote the upcoming Argos season. But you have to question the timing of this article. If I was a conspiracy theororist, I would think Brunt did it intentionally.

LUckily, judging by Argos attendace and TV ratings, people in Toronto are smarter than the morons in their media.

.....i must say the nfl 'wannabees' are alive and well in T.O.......and as far as the tsn coverage of the CFL, so far this year....i'm beginning to wonder if a few of these guys haven't slipped into their management....What has happened to the training camp coverage... previously Suitor covered it very well...and in-depth ...i was very disappointed in tsns' coverage this yr... also,why can't they televise a pre-season Shaw is doing for the game tonight ...Wpg./Ham. i thought tsn. was supposed to be the big broadcast player as far as the CFL is concerned.....doesn't look that way to me .... All i saw was a little score-blurb on the cornor of the screen of their big sports show, while two of our games were going on :roll: :roll: :roll: ...Seems the nhl draft ,and B ball are a greater priority....c'mon wake-up tsn management and show a little more interest...are you involved with the CFL OR NOT??????....maybe there should be a re-bidding of the television contract for the CFL...

Yah these Toronto NFL shills really rankle. Lets not give them any extra press OK?

Check out the thread on 13thman, a reply from Mr. Brunt from someone there.

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I have been posting now for quite sometime how Brunt has taken over from the previous turncoat now who has softened up his wannabee US/NFL stance, Steve Simmons.
It was Simmons who used to write this type of dribble and for whatever reason Brunt has gone nuts and is by far and away the worse pro American ink stained wretch here in Southern Ontario.

i cant stand listening to this guy on fan590....

stutter stutter stutter........well, well well, well...again bob, again bob, agian bob...well, well, well...

reading his articles is bad enough - i dont want to hear him stutter his way through a radio broadcast too.

Agreed, to his credit McCown has argued endlessly with Brunt how the NFL is not coming.

The NFL in Toronto might put down the Toronto FC's soccer crap which is fine and dandy with me as long as the Argos benefit in some way. I can't stand soccer and getting the NFL team in Toronto might help put soccer down, which would be very good IMHO. I can't believe people can actually watch soccer.

Neither the soccer or the No Fun League is pleasant to watch.

I love watching the CFL and NFL as I love gridiron football first and foremost. And I hope we will see the two leagues work more in concert in the future, every CFL fan should want this to promote our brand of football whether it be 3 or 4 down gridiron as opposed to the soccer crap. Whatever it takes to keep soccer in it’s place.

Good bye MLS soon and the TFC.

Are you guys nuts?

Which leagues are more likely to compete for the same viewers? NFL and CFL, or NFL and MLS?

NFL and CFL will be targeting exactly the same market, albiet at different times of the year. Same with advertisers, they'll be able to hit the same demographic not only in Canada, but in the US too. Expect to see plenty of them jump ship to the NFL.

Gridiron football and soccer fans are completely different breeds, as you guys are ample proof. TFC fans are mostly of recent european or south/central american descent. Those fans won't respond to an NFL team. NFL and CFL fans, however, are a damn sight more similar, meaning the leagues will be competing.

If the NFL came to Toronto, the Argos would be in a fight to the death over new young fans. Given their glitz and glamour, along with their financial clout, I think the NFL would handily slaughter the Argos. Over a short period of time, the Argos fan-base would dwindle to nothing, spelling an end of the franchise in Toronto.

Thinking an NFL franchise in Toronto would kill the FC and help the Argos is one of the most ridiculous things I've read on this message board so far... congratulations.

There actually is a way for the NFL and CFL to survive in the same market, it however provides that the NFL team basicly gives the CFL team 10-12M a year. lol.
which is nothing really, the team would be getting 100M+ from the NFL TV deal. lol.

I don't know how a NFL team goes to TO if the Argos have three 5 year leases(deals) and each of them are their option to stay, and if they were smart they have some sort of no-competition clause in it.(another pro Football team can't play out of the Rogers center type deal)

That would mean another stadium would need to be built. lol.

Dmont: You watch too much American TV.

Like, why would the NFL team slaughter the ARgos?

Like wasn't baseball supposed to kill the Argos? Then it was the arrival of the Raptors? Then is was the Arena League? Now its the NFL?

Like, if the CFL has survived going head to head with the NHL in this country, the NFL will be like a flea on its back.

Oh the NFL will have its honeymoon period, like baseball had. But once the novelty wears off, things will return to equilibrium.

With the LEafs at the top. And the rest fighting for the Leafs leftovers.

I don't see why you'd think the NFL will be such a sure fire hit in Hogtown? Its a mediocre football town. Those American Bowls, despite the cheerleading from the media, where far from sellouts. A Decima poll in December put NFL interest at only 16% in Toronto. Behind soccer.

You're an NFL fan, but don't count your chickens. And hearing Paul Godfrey wants to charge 10 grand for seat licenses per seat, get your wallet out too!

Agreed Berezin must want the NFL that is all he posts.

There is a better chance that Winnipeg and Hamilton will get NHL teams than Toronto getting an NFL franchise. It must be Mr. Brunt's pipe dream, so let him dream on.

Whoa whoa whoa, my friend... I am NOT an NFL fan, I couldn't care less for that league. I'm CFL through and through when it comes to football. I made my post because there was a half-baked idea that the NFL would help the CFL but kill soccer, and I thought it was nuts. I don't want the NFL in Toronto because I would fear for the Argos if it happened.

I don't have much to say about baseball, only that the years where the Jays were major players in Toronto, '90-'93, very nearly did spell the end of the Argos. I was a little kid at the time in Toronto, and I barely even knew who the Argos were, everyone loved the Jays. What was it Stromboulopolous called us? "The lost generation"? The loss of these young fans contributed directly to the hardships that the Argos suffered in the late 90's, early '00s.

I don't see the Raptors in direct competition with the Argos. The sports are completely different, as are the demographics they target.

Arena league? Was anyone really worried about the arena league?

Now the NFL, there's a different creature altogether. They would have several times the marketing budget of the entire CFL. The Argos will have their die-hard fans among the current and older generations, but come on, the young kids playing Madden all day in their rooms are gonna get sucked into the NFL circus.
Very quickly, to new football fans, the NFL team would be "good football" while the Argos would become "the off-season", and in this business, it's all about perception.

And about Toronto being a mediocre football town, don't you also think we were a mediocre baseball town before the Jays showed up? How about a mediocre basketball town before the Raptors? A mediocre soccer town before TFC? Of course we were, and in just a few years, major league marketing has managed to pull a 180 in each case.

The Argos have had a long time to build in Toronto, yet according to you, it's still a mediocre football town. Are you willing to bet the future of the CFL on the wild chance that the NFL will fail where MLB, NBA, and MLS have succeeded enormously?

re-..maybe there should be a re-bidding of the television contract for the CFL...--- Great idea But the contract is signed, imho the ctv bosses over tsn are nfl groupies :oops:

I really don't get it myself. The numbers seem to indicate that the CFL has a lot of support and interest in the country yet the media just doesn't treat it as such.

But admittedly, I don't see a lot of people walking around in CFL jerseys either. (Although I did see a Ti-Cats cap at the Jays game today!! YAY!)

So does the media know something we don't? Is the CFL support considered soft? How popular are we?

CFL interest in CAnada is bigger than baseball and the NBA combined. Its the number two sport in this country behind of course hockey, and just ahead of curling.

The media types I believe more and more don’t cover the CFL because they know squat about it.

Like, this morning, I perused the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail websites, and not one mentions the Tornto Argos QB situation. Which I think is big news. But of course the hallowed Blue Jays get the headlines.

Alot of the media in this country has grown up thinking baseball, basketball and the NFL are the only sports around. And that Canadian sports are more on the fringe and to be ignored.

Which is why the CFL is ignored. Along with curling, the CIS, CHL and lacrosse. They get barely any coverage.

Until we get these dinosaurs out of the media, its not gonna change.