Another NFL is coming to Toronto article

  1. If the NFL says that there will be NO NFL team in CANADA , suckers like Argo_Bills in Canada might not watch and/or buy NFL stuff. Why should they?

It is just good NFL business. :thup:

Would they say?
" we will take your money , but we have no interest in putting a team in CANADA " :roll:

  1. People like Argo_Bills are completely in denial. :thdn:

They ignore the facts of high CFL T.V. ratings compared to the low NFL T.V. ratings.

They ignore the PRO CFL polls by MANY different media out lets , including those in TORONTO. :thup:

They ignore the fact that the NFL has not returned to Canada in ten years , but still go to MEXICO and TOKYO every year. :lol:

Well , people like Argos_Bills and PAUL GODFREY should realize that THE NFL DOES look at these things!

So , PAUL/Argos_Bills can "cry wolf" until dooms day. :lol:

The NFL itself knows that the NFL market is not big in CANADA/Toronto. :wink:

If they needed TORONTO or VANCOUVER so much they would already be here. RIGHT?

What is stopping them? :roll:

Think about that one? :cowboy:

There is 0% chance of this happening in our lifetime.

PAUL , even in TORONTO , is starting to be laugh at on this issue. :thup: