Another NFL is coming to Toronto article

Don't quote me on this, but I believe that Seattle also has a 'Canada Day'.

Yes they do ----by fluke it was the only game I've ever seen at Quest Field. It was in September vs the Giants. All they really did to salute Canada was sing the national anthem and walk out with a flag.
I noticed the 'Hawks ran a congratulatory ad in the Province sports this week for the Lions. That was classy.


This was the crux of the story from the NFL commissioner:

"We can envision that," Goodell said at the Reuters Media Summit in New York City. "I don't know if it will become a reality but it's certainly a possibility. The closer to the border, probably the more likely from a geographic standpoint."
Yep, Toronto is favoured because, from geographical standpoint, it is closer to the border! Lol lol :lol:

The economics of the National Football League dictate this, Fan; I don't know what the Skydome has in the way of amenities-luxury boxes, other attractions, etc. The modern NFL stadium is a year-round destination; not just on game day! It generates $$$ for it's team 24/7/365...and the NFL is not interested in being a co-tenant in a multi-purpose facility; they want to control what happens in THEIR ballpark. When you compare the fact that a CFL team's yearly salary cap is just over 4 million dollars to the fact that an NFL tight end makes more than that all by himself; well-do you see what I'm getting at here? And as I mentioned, a Toronto team has to be a contributing factor immediately-or would be expected to pay a much higher expansion fee, to make up for there being no US network outlets in Ontario.

Godfrey a man with a plan - Says CFL and NFL could co-exist in Toronto
By MIKE KOREEN – Toronto Sun

Paul Godfrey insists his Toronto NFL dream, if it becomes reality, will not kill the Argos.

A day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell left the door open for international expansion, the Blue Jays president said yesterday he could help make Toronto a successful two-football-league town.

“I have a plan if an NFL team comes to Toronto that would help the Argonauts,” Godfrey said. “I’m not prepared to reveal details of that. I’m a strong supporter of a strong Canadian Football League. The city is big enough and if the leagues don’t completely overlap on top of each other, they both could co-exist in the city.”

Despite Goodell’s statement that international expansion is a possibility, Godfrey’s potential ownership group of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. chairman Larry Tanenbaum and media mogul Ted Rogers still have a number of hurdles to clear to make it happen. The CFL is one and so is the stadium issue. The Rogers Centre, Godfrey’s preferred venue, could be expanded to seat 60,000 fans, which still would be smallish for the NFL. If that’s the case, Godfrey said a new stadium could be built without taxpayers’ money.

“Let me state right off the top that building a new facility, politicians shouldn’t get their knickers in a knot because we’re not going to ask for any money,” he said. “You can build new stadiums with personal seat license money.”

While the new news involves potential international expansion, Godfrey still will be looking at buying an existing team and moving it here. If the NFL expands to Los Angeles for a 33rd team, however, Godfrey believes another expansion team would be around the corner.

“It seemed the ideal route to go was through re-location,” he said. "Now we’ve got the double opportunity to go one or the other.

Godfrey confirmed Toronto will not bid for the NFL’s one international regular-season game in 2007, as the NFL doesn’t want to interfere with the city’s Grey Cup.

“But there’s lots of activity between 2008 and 2011 and we’ll be knocking on the door each and every year,” he said.

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I’ve never heard anything from Paul Godfrey before that suggested he actually wants to help the Argos and CFL in any way.

He's still a dirty bastid!

It’s all about DTG…Don’t Trust Godfrey.

maybe we could give him the benefit of the doubt here, just for once guys. Really. Sure he comes across like a vacuum salesperson (nothing agains’t that you understand) but let’s take what he says here and maybe, just maybe, he is telling some truth. You know, there are some people who do think that an NFL team in Canada would actually benefit the CFL and I happen to be leaning that way, always have actually.

I would give him the benefit of the doubt Earl, if I had any. He's greasy, grimy and more than just a little slimy.

I guess one of my problems in life is I look too much for the good in people not realizing that some people don’t have a lot of good in them. I’ve been burned a bit by this I admit, maybe this is the case here, I don’t know.

Dude, if you've been burned by looking for the good in people, that's a credit to you. And a black mark on the people that burned you. Don't view it as a problem.

Appreciate that argofan. Fortunately it didn't really cost me to any point it has affected my life that negatively but I do wish I was tougher at times in the past with certain people.

No problem. We all wish that, I'm sure. Glad it hasn't cost you much.

Sometimes I wish they did put a team here so it could fail miserably, but it’s too risky.

Somebody in Toronto (someones whose rich) is probably pushing money to the papers as much as possible to generate NFL interest.

There will NEVER be an upside to the nfl expanding into Canada!

I'm concerned about the National Felons League coming to Toronto. Don't want it, don't need it and won't support it. Maybe if they don't get a team in Ottawa, the Argos could move there. I'm still believing it won't happen.

Where is the "Toronto doesn't want an NFL team" article when you need it...

You're not going to see that article because the media in Hogtown wants to continue the myth that the NFL is huge there. As opposed to the actual facts which show only 20% follow the NFL. As a comparison, 52% follow hockey.

But really. Who cares if Toronto gets an NFL franchise. The CFL has survived and prospered head to head with the NHL. The NFL is nothing compared to the NHL in Canada.

And really, but the time the NFL ever came to Toronto we'd have CFl teams in Ottawa and Halifax and maybe one more eastern city. The CFL would be stronger than ever.

In Hogtown the the NFL team would affect every team accept for the Leafs. But within five years things will go back to the way they were before the NFL came.

And I read that to get an NFL season seat you'll have to pay at least a $10,000 license fee? This thing has no chance

Oh well, there's only a 1% chance of Toronto getting an NFL team in ten years. All the odds are against it.