Another NFL is coming to Toronto article

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Seems the new commissioner Goodell is more upbeat on expansion somewhere in the not too distant future. One of the upsides of the NFL coming to Toronto, although it may push the Argos out possibly, is that having some competition where a team actually is based in Canada might be good for the CFL and it's teams. For example, people will see right up front how the NFL does certain things with it's TV networks and probably makes some demands of them ie. more cameras. The CFL then may be able to say hey there CBC, we want the same treatment as what the new Toronto NFL team is getting. Or another example, it may wake people up to invest in CFL stadiums more for upgrades seeing that Toronto would be setting the standards with eventually a new stadium and that.
All I'm saying is there may be some upsides to what most view a real downside for the CFL. Competition sometimes brings out the best in all of us and in this case, it may bring the CFL partner teams closer together, which would be good.

Will the governments of Toronto and/or Ontario support raising taxes to build a new stadium? Or does Godfrey have the $$$ to do it himself? The Rogers Center ain't gonna cut it in todays NFL; and since a Canadian team will get it's share of the TV revenue pie w/out contributing any new viewers-there are no ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX affiliates in Ontario-the owners are going to DEMAND that a Toronto team be profitable immediately-if they approve it at all...if the NFL does set up shop in TO, I'd like to see a bigger commitment from the league to the CFL-especially in keeping the Argo's alive.

There's no way in hell we in Ontario will pay for another stadium in Toronot. Here in London we had to pay 100% for our new hockey arena. The Leafs didn't get a cent for the ACC. The Ticats aren't getting a penny for a new stadium.

We already built Hogtown a stadium. Thats it. And fed money that goes towards stadiums should be given to Canadian cities like Halifax, Quebec and London, that want CFL teams.

And really. A survey showed that 80% of Torontonians don't even follow the NFL. I sure wouldn't want to invest a billion dollars in something like that.

There will be no public money for a NFL stadium for sure, all private. If they ever do get a team, maybe they will renovate the Rogers Centre I'm thinking, I don't know but I don't think the NFL would see this as a long term solution, they want NFL football only stadiums.
I still think any team for Toronto is a long ways away to be honest, the NFL just isn't excited about the Rogers Centre as a centrepiece for a new team there. But it might be hard for the NFL to say no if someone can pony up the near $1 bill for an expansion team.

Renovate the Rogers Centre? Can you imagine the Blue Jays with their usual 16,000 fans playing in a 70,000 seat stadium?

In fact I doubt an NFL team in Toronto could sell 70,000 seats on an ongoing basis.

And really. Ted Rogers has no interest in an NFL team. Why would he allow someone to turn his baseball stadium into a football stadium??

Toronto is an average football town. A survey put NFL interest at 20%. The Leafs and NHL were at 52%. The ARgos are more popular than the NFL.

Its only these idiot media types who like to stir things up. And DAve Naylor is a CFL writer? Like they say. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

I hear you berezin. It's just a lot of talk right now. They will play a regular season game in Toronto in 2008 or 2009 and then they will be able to see what the demand is when people will be paying high prices for seats. I sure won't be one of these as long as the CFL is around and if I want to go to an NFL game, I want that "American NFL experience" which you can only get in Buffalo or Cleveland or another American city. This is one thing I just don't think Toronto will be able to deliver on even regardless of how many people attend the game. NFL fans down there bleed football and the NFL and without this bleeding, it just wouldn't be the same. Too many people in Toronto don't bleed the NFL I think, just the Leafs. Another reason why I prefer going to a MLB game in the States, the Blue Jay games in Toronto I've been to, again, not the bleeding with it as America's pastime, like the NFL or football is America's passion.

The NFL is being held up there as this holy grail by the Hogtown media for some reason.

Baseball was at first, but its flopped. Basketball was next great thing, but its been a disaster. US college games, ARena football, the NASL also tried Toronto. But they floppped.

Why would the NFL do any better? When the FACTS show that the huge majority of people in Toronto do not follow American football?

Like, are we missing something here? We have people all excited for an NFL team in Toronot, telling us how everybody wants it, when they don't? Looks to me like the inmates in the media are running the asylum.

Well, it is the holy grail as far as pro sports goes, every team makes money and they revenue share where a city like Green Bay with 100,000 can compete with New York with 12,000,000. Pretty good

But I think a lot of people underestimate the "Leaf factor" and basically how the Leafs control the minds of most of citizens, not just in Toronto but in a lot of southern Ontario. Everything else is a distant second and I think always will be.

Well if its the holy grail, why don't cities around the world clamour for NFL teams?

Its because the NFL is strictly popular in the USA. NFL Europe is on the virge of extinction. In CAnada, the NFL is a fringe sport.

And of course the Leafs dominate Toronto. The media refuses to accept this fact for some reason.

But after a few years, when the novelty of this NFL team wore off, they'd be down there with the Argos, Raptors and Blue Jays fighing for the Leafs leftovers.

Then again I'm beginning to think these NFL to Toronto articles are strictly aimed at getting us CFl fans stirred up. I think its time to start ignoring them.

Make it happen, so then we can prove in reality if Toronto would be able to support an NFL team. Not some poll conducted by some western writer in the star. :smiley:

An NFL franchise for Toronto? Doesn't that city have enough losers? :slight_smile:

Hey pal.
You sound like George Bush denying there's any problems in Iraq.

This survey you mention wasn't done by some "western writer". It was done by the Decima scientific reserarch group.

They did a scientific survey. The same ones they do for political polls, opinion polls, etc etc.

This was done using scientific means. The results are within two or three percentatge points

The accuracy of these polls cannot be questioned by people of intelligence.

Um, you do realize that even almighty scientific polls are not conclusive, right?

Polls are one thing, dishing out big bucks for games, game after game is quite another. As I say, I don’t doubt that Toronto will fill the Rogers Centre for one regular season game, but if I’m going to go to an NFL game, I’ll go to a game in the States where I’m much more guaranteed to get that American NFL experience which Toronto won’t be able to deliver even with a sold-out crowd. Toronto just doesn’t cut it mentality and atmosphere-wise for the NFL with or without a sold-out crowd.

I suppose we should all bow down and kiss Paul Godfrey's feet. Afterall, isn't he going to refrain from bidding on an NFL game until after the '07 Grey Cup. Gee Whiz Paul, Thanks ever so much.

Go ahead Paul, bid on an '07 NFL game, it's not going to make a bit of difference. The CFL will survive quite well, and the Grey Cup can handle the competition. In my humble opinion.

I for one am not an expert on the economy of Sports. Why an Toronto NFL team would need a new stadium I don't understand. But I agree with the others here in that I am not interested in building another stadium for Toronto with my money. Not when the Skydome....or whatever they're calling it this week, is only 17 years old. I hope most voters feel that way.

I think Earl is right when he refers to the 'American NFL experience'. It seems to be mostly an American phenomenae that doesn't seem to translate well into Canadiana. Probably because Americans are more into 'Hero Worship' than Canadians.

Still havent gotten over the loss of the Toro's ehh :stuck_out_tongue:

"An interesting sidebar to the statements from Goodell come as the Bills prepare to hold their annual "Canada Day" celebration. Each year since the early 1990s, the Bills have designated one game per season in honour of its dedicated Canadian fan base. This year's event takes place this Sunday, as the Bills host the San Diego Chargers. In addition to a pre-game Maple Leaf flag ceremony and singing of the Canadian anthem, the team also plans on giving special mention to the Grey Cup champion B.C. Lions.

Ironically, both the small-market Bills and the less-popular CFL may be better served if the NFL were to stay out of Canada and instead expand to Mexico City, the other location being considered as a top candidate. (It's worth noting that Sunday's game has not sold out and thus will not be televised in the Bills' local markets, which includes Toronto. It is only the third black-out in Buffalo's last 30 home games, but the second in a row -- after last week's game vs. Jacksonville.)"

Interesting that the Bills are going to honour the Lions GC win this weekend, nice actually. Maybe I'll change from a Vikes fan to a Bills fan if they do this.

From Sportsnet:

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Toronto may not want the NFL, but the NFL wants Toronto...
The NFL can only work in Toronto if they kill off the CFL, MLB and NBA in Canada. Or else the NFL would have to subsidize Toronto with their share of the $US90 million NFL TV pie. That is more than what the Leafs, CFL, Blue Jays and Raptors earn combined from TV.

Ahhh, don't even post these anymore. I mean I don't hate the NFL, I love da Bears, I just hate the idea of the NFL in Canada! WOOT ARGOS!!

Ackles also said that an NFL team in Toronto would not be good for the CFL.