Another NFL classic!

Need more proof that the CFL is the better league?

Cleveland 6 - Buffalo 3

The winning quarterback went 2 for 17 with 23 yards through the air with one pick.

Man that must have been an awesome game for the fans.

Oh great, here we go again on the NFL bore............You're mentioning the wrong game; Another NFL classic, Dallas wins 26-20 over Kansas City in O.T. I think you missed it.

Both leagues have their share of boring and exciting games, but that's pretty funny that Anderson went 2 for 17 and won. Good thing I was watching the Dallas vs. Dallas OT game.

Nah I did watch a little KC vs Dallas... You guys are right that was an el-crapola game too.

3 yard run, 2 yard reception, incomplete pass, punt (with a FAIR CATCH).

If they played with 3 downs on that skinny field nobody would ever score.

yes i agree, way to many commercials , to much allowance getting the ball off for the next play because they have all these special personal situation
packages, it gets to be a drag. Although NFL has the money,expensive coverage and all, CFL has the better game, they just won't admit it.

If you purely love football, then you like both leagues for what they are....enough said. :cowboy:

Amen! NFL CFL CIS NCAA! HEck i even go watch mylocal Hamilton rep team go play ball! Football season is short, I try to get in as MUCH Football as i can! Overall Favre is my favorite football player!

LOL @ NFL, what a fail league.

fail league? we get maybe 35000 people out to a good game...dallas has had three 100 000 attendance games. i prefer cfl to nfl but they are far from a fail league? football is football and i enjoy both games. Indy is going to win the lombardi again!!! as far as the run pass pass punt...its the same as the cfl only its run pass punt same game different dimensions and different downs and special teams rules.

I talk about the game itself, not the marketing. The marketing to get people into it is world class. Also, how many people are in Dallas compared to the average CFL city?

so how is it a fail league than explain to me how the nfl fails where the cfl does not?

Sorry have to do an Anti-American rant for a sec....

Yeah I have to agree with you Jakob7 and your assesment that it must be good because it is popular in the USA. 100, 000 Americans watching a football game must be smart enough to know what brand of football is the best.

Of course 1 in 5 American adults thinks the Sun revolves around the Earth.

And lets not forget these are the people that worship NASCAR, a racing series where the drivers only ever turn left.
So yeah it must be the best because its #1 with Americans.

We are talking better GAME, not which has bigger attendance. If that was the case then Soccer would be the only sport worth watching (ewwww).

Well if you look at those numbers, we're about 35% attendance that the NFL has. Now if you look at the population of canada vs the states, a rough estimate would put us at 10% of the US's population. Not only that, we only have 8 teams for 10 provinces. They almost have a team for each state. Relativity my friend.

For f's sake... ok fine, I'll spell it out.
ITS FU<KING BORING!!! 4 down faggotry, 40 second play clock, small field, slower players, too many time outs, too many challenges, fair catch. Care for me to go on further??? That to me sounds like a whole lot of fail right there, so much waiting and so little actual action.
Also the Super Bowl trophy is the pinnicle of fail. Srsly, it looks like carp.