Another new CFL fan

Well the CFL has another new fan in the states. I use to watch the CFL once in a while but when we got Arena Football I followed that. Now that the AFL is history along with the USFL, NFLE, WFL..... and we finally got the CFL back on television here, at least in my area I have become once again thrilled to see the games. I can't remember how much fun I have had, as every game I have seen this season has been fun to watch. (I have seen everyone so far)

Now like Winterland I have to find a team I would like to follow. But until I find that team I will continue to watch every game and be happy. :smiley:


Cheer for the Argos! They need all the help they can get! :smiley:

No, no, no. That'll just scare him away from the CFL.

most exciting team in the CFL is the Edmonton Eskimos " City of Champions".


o.k. I have it narrowed down to 8 teams so far. hahaha... I am looking forward to this weekends games.
Keep throwing out your suggestions. I am here to stay!

Ticats! The underdog team everyone seems to like, won 15 grey cups and the Labour Day classic at home is absoultely insane. No rivalry like the Argo's-Cat's rivalry. My second choice would be Edmonton though for sure.

Since you guys have the second best record in the league, I don't think you guys can call yourselves underdogs anymore. :wink:

Not true Chief..I like the underdog tag!!. but what IS true, we can't call ourselves LEAGUE DOORMATS anymore!!! That has new (Yes there is a U in colors here!)

I really wasn't able to decide between the Ti-Cats and Esks (although head to head I do pull for the Cats), but you can't go wrong with either. Really, you can't go wrong with any of the CFL teams - They have all had some measure of success at one time or another, are mostly filled with the kind of guys you want to cheer for, and have very dedicated fan bases !!

welcome winterland......... :slight_smile: maybe now "robosaurus " will go away lol :rockin: :rockin:
esks 1st in the west!!!!!!!!

I would suggest after watching all the games, see which team you can identify with the most.. its ok to have more than one fave... just enjoy this league, its fast paced and highly entertaining to watch.. the last two or 3 minutes of a game anything can happen.. last night's game is a perfect example of that!... :rockin:

The other thing you can do is to check out each of the team rosters ... If you are an NCAA football fan at all you will see quite a few names of players you lost track of after their college careers ended, some of them may have been favorites of yours. The Args and the Stamps have quite a few players that I remember from college; however, I ended up supporting the Ti-Cats and Esks because of the way they play the game, and their fans (at least on this site) are generally very friendly, dedicated to their teams, supportive of newbies, and usually keep the conversation in a positive tone (not nearly as much trash talking as many non CFL sites I have seen). I would imagine the fans of all the teams are like this as well, I have really spent most of my time posting with Ti-Cats and Esks. Although, and this is no knock on the Bombers or the good people of Winnipeg, but I felt a little less welcome when I posted a question on their team specific page. But they are having a tough season to date, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hey Winterland, did you get to watch the game last night? If so, what did you thihnk?

If we aren't underdogs anymore, then why are we 5.5 point dogs to SSK on Sunday?

I did, and it was the best football game I have seen in a few years … I don’t know anyone could pick a single MVP from that game - although he came out on the loosing end, Jermaine Copeland made some fantastic plays. !!

And the stream was really good - it wasn’t choppy or broken up at all which was awesome. Last week the streams, particularly for the Ti-Cats game was really crummy. Hopefully this weeks game will be a bit better.

what does that tell the Cats are loved by EVERYONE!!

I was always under the assumption that Saskatchewan was everyone's favourite second team. (Except SSK fans of course.)

The Cats are Canada's team!


Never watched AFL, but if you think every CFL game played this year has been exciting, ie Argos and Bombers, then I can only imagine how pathetic the Arena Football league was.