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Why not sell out?

Pinball Clemons was doing what he always does yesterday, challenging people to be better, challenging us to think more, only this time he had the wrong game and the wrong year with his pronouncement.

The big game is not in 2007. That may be the big gamble for the owners of the Argonauts, although considering how they seem to handle most mountains, it may not be that large a climb at all.

The big game is this Sunday. In a way, that's why the announcement that the 2007 Grey Cup is coming to Toronto was made yesterday. That's how big Sunday's game is. The Argos aren't certain about winning.

Because if they were certain, they don't make the announcement yesterday. They make it next week -- or better yet, they make it just after their second consecutive Grey Cup victory. But that's getting ahead of ourselves. And they don't want to do that and we don't want to do that.

Because this Sunday is all about possibilities. The continuation of this amazing team at this amazing time. A story that gets more unlikely with each passing day.

It's hard to write about the Argos these days and not come off like a paid political announcement. There is that much good news.

They have the most adorable coach in the history of professional sports, who just happens to be terrific at his job and even better at making everybody he has ever met in his life feel like the most important person on earth.

That's why this Sunday means something. Never mind Pinball challenging Toronto: How about Toronto giving something back to Pinball for a change?

A sellout of 44,700 people is a good way to start. The Argos already are figuring on a crowd of more than 40,000. The final 4,700 isn't much of a challenge but it remains a challenge nonetheless.

It's about time we gave something back to someone who is forever giving to us.

The 2007 Grey Cup is still two years away. If the Argos knew with certainty they would be champions two weeks from now, they wouldn't have made the announcement yesterday. They would have made it alongside their favourite trophy after returning from Vancouver in glory.

But there's no way of knowing if they'll win this Sunday and no way of knowing if they'll win the week after so if you're looking for momentum and a good news day to make a good news announcement, you do it yesterday -- even if it happens to coincide with the leadup to the East final game against Montreal.

Even if this is the game -- not one two years from now -- that everyone should be talking about.

If you listen enough to the loud talkers who forever are complaining about pro sports, the negatives always are the same. The athletes make too much money. The tickets are too expensive. The games aren't entertaining. Yada. Yada. Yada.

So here are our beloved Argonauts, not far removed from life support. With pro athletes who don't make much money, with tickets that aren't that expensive, with games that are entertaining. We are, for the record, once again out of excuses.

"What time is it?" Pinball likes to ask his team.

The answer comes back to him in unison and now it's fashionable: "It's Argos time."

It's time to pack what used to be called SkyDome. The last time there was an East final here, Doug Flutie was playing quarterback in Toronto and the crowd was announced at 32,085. That was eight years and three ownerships ago.

Or was it four?

And if we didn't do it for Flutie, then why not do it for Damon Allen, who just gets older and better and older and better and one of these years will win a Grey Cup, walk off the field and say, "That's it, I've had enough."

Maybe it's this year. Maybe this is Toronto's last real chance to see Damon Allen play. That has to be worth something.

That has to be worth a sellout.

Let's worry about 2007 in 2007 and let's take care of this Sunday first.

thanks.....D.G. :smiley:

But he is actually setting us up if it doesn't sellout and why did he write 44,000+ , is a sell out? :arrow:

The ARGOS are doomed! STEVE has written. :cry: :wink: :lol: :smiley:

maybe thats a sell out WITHOUT removing any of the closed-off sections?

argotom , wrote that the 500 level's were removed , as well as the ones close to the field , so it must be the ones under the score board.

There are also the VIP seats and added end zone seats.

well..maybe its good that the writers dont expect too much....cuz when the game draw 50 000, they'll have to take notice.

theyre already taking notice when they draw 40 000!

Nope, 45,000 has been established as capacity for the East Final. they will not be removing the large "Argo Greats" banners from the 500 level.

Reference the bottom of this article

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2005/11/17/1311007-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 7-sun.html[/url]


The Argos indicated yesterday that stadium capacity at the Rogers Centre for Sunday's game will be about 45,000.

The team will not remove any of the banners in the upper bowl which salute Argos greats. The banners were added to create ambience at the stadium and are designed to be a permanent fixture for home games, but may be removed for the 2007 Grey Cup game to raise seating capacity to more than 50,000.

so then, steve simmons was right, in saying capacity is 44 700....atleast the place will look PACKED, with NO empty seats!

wow! so they are very close to seling out eh?

BC lions have only sold 32 500 for the west final....
toronto is lookin at 45 000 for east final

montreal had 31 000 for east semi
calgary had 26 000 for west semi

amazing how toronto is now an attendance leader in this league!

Steve has to be right 1 time in his career. :lol:

thanks! :smiley:

They are?? That'd be a first, wouldn't it? Look, it's great that they'll have a good crowd, but let's get real...you're starting to sound like Hamilton fans who thump their chest for having two good "gate" years while they had decade's of poor showing in the stands...it is what it is, let's hope the league continues to floorish...no one can argue with that.

Anything to try and put TO on the map and claim they are the best.

TO , is on the map and is a Canadian city.It is a CFL , city.Why not just be happy about that?

I suppose it is TO’s fault that there may have more people at our game than in , B.C.? Why not talk to B.C. fans and stop blaming Toronto? :lol: :smiley: :lol: :roll:

This is all a TORONTO plot to get B.C. :lol:

Think what you want about TO but they are still in my words the bottom of the pot in the CFL,what do you think they have 44,000+ HELL they should look at the population base there they should have over 50,000 nevermind 44,000.It’s too bad that all those seats the ownership bought and gave away are going to be pretty disappointed when th Cavillo-
cahoon show is going to walk all over the Argo Defense.ALS 33-ARGOS19

u people ( eski-moses,johnsobo ) are so dumb, its an embarasement to this country.....why not be happy to see growth in a CFL market thats been shakey for years???

HT - I don't think you know what I'm trying to say. I gave credit to TO in another post for their attendance for the East Final but it's the way DG comes on here and says how TO is the attendance leader and brags about it. Well the Lions got 55,000 to last years West Final and you didn't see anyone brag about that.

I'm not blaming TO for BC's low attendance for teh West Final. I'm sure we'll still get about 40,000. It's great the CFL is growing even in TO.

im not bragging about TO being an attendace leader...

im talkin about it, cuz it shows how far the CFL has come in the last 3 years....wow, u mis-read my intentions.

In regarsd to Steve finally being right about something, as was said on page 1 "Even a broken clock is right twice a day!"

As much as I hate to do this I must,
Two years ago Toronto's attendance was terrible(12,000) and everyone was raggin on them about being bailed out by the league.
Now they are getting 45,000 for the eastern final. Ant people still squawk
I say
Way to go T.O.
man that hurts