Another Naylor article, boring as ever

Of course the CFL doesn't need fixing. The negative nabobs out there always look to make mountains out of molehills.

Rule tweaks... exactly. Part of the problem in 2006 was a bad rule tweak. Every year, every sports league including the CFL, makes tweaks to their game to adress the constantly evolving schemes & athletes.

It just so happens that the evolution of the CFL is trending toward a conservative game with less big plays. The league sells itself on big-play football and attention needs to be paid to keep it that way. It just so happens a rule meant to increase safety (perhaps marginally) destroyed the return game. A poorly designed game-ball took from the passing game. Changes to roster rules created positions for defensive specialists thus tightening up the game.

I don't know where the last few posters got the idea that I was a revolutionary.

I don't want to change the CFL to roller-ball. I just want the league to do the responsible things expected of a professional sports competition. Tweaks are not without precedence so don't cry bloody murder when Naylor points out the obvious and looks to the NFL which has obviously managed to open its own game up appropriately for what it needs. The CFL should maintain the entertainment value of CANADIAN FOOTBALL for CANADIAN FOOTBALL as the NFL has maintained and improved the entertainment value of their own game.

The NBA adressed its game-ball issue mid-season. Why couldn't the CFL do the same?

I don't want to copy the NFL. I want the league to do what it needs to do for its own benefit.

Trust me, my blood boils over certain CFL bashing in the media, namely when it comes to comments on talent disparity. As far as I'm concerned this article speaks the truth on entertainment value.

Sorry for not preaching the party line.

Well, IMO the CFL does need fixing. The kick return blocking rules did get tweaked last year by GM/Coaches. Mainly under the guise of possible injuries. I think the main reason this was pushed by the likes of Wally Buono was they didn't have the return people to compete.
Some people may think "that's just football" seeing almost every kick return called back, but it's a good way to turn off the occasional and new fans. The CFL is in the entertainment business lest we forget and is a gate driven league.
The return blocking consisted of hand blocking above the waist, and if a referee can't determine what is an excessive two hand push he shouldn't be in the league.

Good reads there joedav and DB!!

I think Naylor's whole premise falls apart as soon as you come across the following quote in that article, "...While the best athletes may play in the National Football League,...".

If that is the case then Warren Moon, Jeff Garcia, Doug al were all sub-par athletes until the NFL discovered them? Conversely, I do hope someone reminds Geroy Simons, Damon Allen, Pinball Clemons and the other CFL stars past and present that they are all less than , "...the best athletes...".

I suppose we will all have to wait and see which league Ricky Williams plays for in '07 before we can determine if he is one of the best athletes or one of the lesser.

See, I agree when Naylor says the NFL has "...the best athletes...". No one is arguing that Flutie, Moon, and Garcia aren't tremendous football players, but we're talking pure athleticism here. Skill shouldn't be brought into the equation. While yes, the CFL is filled with skillful players, the NFL is generally home to the more "athletic" players. This doesn't mean that the CFL doesn't have any tremendous athletes. But, in my opinion the NFL is home to some of the most tremendous pure athletes anywhere in the world.

And the CFL has some fantastic players as all have been stars in college south or north of the border. Do you realize how many college players there are and how many positions are open each year in the NFL? Lots of players available but not many positions available. Which translates into the CFL getting excellent players, maybe not the cream of the crop as these will always go to the NFL for the money of course, but still excellent players.
Again, Naylor saying something that any Tom, Dick or Harry with a brain already knows. It's football with excellent talent CFL, NFL - as long as it's not slowwwwwww baseballllllll.

Earl: Here's a few of thoughts on the Dave Naylors of the world: 1) His opinions really don't matter. Anyone who reads his stuff already has a point of view anyway. His ramblings aren't going to have any real effect on anyone.
2) He lives, works and breathes in a free country. He has a right to be grossly wrong.
3) People like him will continue to think the way they think no matter how upset we get at them. No point in letting them get to you. He won't care.

I don’t need anyone and especially the media as I can decide on my own that the CFL is clearly the most dominant sport and form of entertainment around.
You my friend andkon must be one of those sheep going to the NFL slaughter.

NFL slaughter? I actually prefer the CFL to the NFL. All I am saying is, why is there always an uproar when the CFL is bashed, or god-forbid, not mentioned as much as the NFL. Canadian football is a GREAT game, but people should be free to bash it.

And people are free to bash the basher as well.

Yes to each his/her own.
All I am saying is how people should educate themselves and not necessarily believe what is being forced fed by in this case a huge propoganda machine like the NFL.

Yes... free to bash and free to bash the basher...

I agree that the league, be it their own fault or not, needs better and more positive publicity.

However on this issue, I just happen to agree with Naylor.

Why does the CFL have to earn positive publicity?

Its a national league. Its popular across Canada. It does well on TV. It is our second most popular league. It has a loyal fan base. It dwarfs baseball and basketball in popularity. It is more popular than American football.

What more does the CFL have to do to gain respect from these know nothings in the media?

Because frankly thats all these guys ever write about when it comes to the CFL. The negative. And in turn they worship these American sports. Well it has to stop!

Why does any business have to earn positive publicity?

To sell their product, to sustain that popularity, to maintain their entertainment value to stay ahead of baseball, basketball & american football.

This league doesn't market their players, let their entertainment value degrade last year, lost a franchise in Ottawa and fired the commissioner responsible for upping its profile, saving Hamilton & Toronto & securing huge sponsorship & TV deals. Is the media supposed to forget all that?

The CFL is great, it has classically had the most entertaining football on the planet and is an engrained piece of Canadiana with over a century of history.

..but lets sober up and understand that the league needs to be taken care of and that means better custodianship than has been offered by the BOG over the last year.

And I know everyone on this site loves to sound the battle drums over how the CFL consistently airs the highest rated sports telecasts (other than hockey) so obviously it must be more popular than baseball & basketball across Canada.

But has anyone considered that the CFL airs only 77 games a year while the Jays air about 140, the Raptors 82. Multiply the Jays 'miniscule' 200,000 viewer average or 23,000ish attendance average across their entire season and tell me that more people are watching and spending money on the CFL?

And I also hate to burst everyone's buble but 12 million people live in Ontario. Thats mostly in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Niagara, Kingston, Windsor & Oshawa. Thats as more "Census-Metropolitan Areas" than exist in all Western Canada.

Also consider participation in minor football verses basketball and baseball and tell me again that the popularity of the CFL dwarfs the other two.

The CFL is Canada's second most popular sports league yes. But don't tell me the league should sit on its rear and cross its fingers that the media will just be nice to it.

That takes reputability from a business perspective.

I agree that the league does take an unfair potshot from time to time. But the sensitivity on this site is crazy.

I figure that the Blue Jays viewership is probably, and I'm just guessing, but probably around 75 percent of people within a 2 hour drive of Toronto. Hardly representative of all the geographic area of Canada.
The CFL teams and the Grey Cup are so much more important to contributing to Canadian culture Canada-wide than the Blue Jays can ever hope or dream to be.

Earl, you are absolutely right in terms of unifying Canada culturally from coast to not quite the other coast.

We just can't pretend that the CFL is only a cultural symbol. It needs care... and I really think that these media types are just honest when it comes to the downfalls of the league.

I'm also saying there are real reasons why the media isn't rosy all the time about the league.

I agree joe absolutely. Yes, the CFL has had problems and will continue, like all leagues, to have problems. And yes, the media can concentrate on the problems as much as they wish. However, it is my opinion that they overemhpasize the CFL's problems compared with baseball and MLB, the Toronto media that is. Steinbrenner paying $200 mill for it's players and not caring about the smaller markets? Bad. MLB not wanting to really see Montreal try and get a new stadium and keep the Expos. Again bad. Home run hitters juiced to the kilts. Bad. etc.

Definitely Earl,

I wasn't trying to prop up baseball. It has more than its fair share of problems with an incredible amount of documentation behind it.

My points about baseball were merely to illustrate that baseball and the Jays, at least in the southern Ontarian market are much more than a mere afterthought, as mentioned by a previous poster, compared to the CFL especially when you take a hard look at TV numbers & attendance figures and not just "per game" vewership & gate figures as well as poularity in terms of participation in each respective sport.

Yes joedav, the Jays are important in southern Ontario without question. But southern Ontario, while hugely populated, is only a small geographic area and does not represent much of the rest of Canada who basically could care less about the Jays for the most part, not all as the Jays have fans all over Canada, but for the most part.