Another Naylor article, boring as ever

Here he goes again. I stopped reading after the 2nd paragraph, I guess the guy doesn't have too many ideas in his head so he has to write the same thing, over and over and over again. Boring there David, can't you be a bit more creative than just writing the same stuff all the time? Us football fans love watching football, period. We don't waste our time comparing all the time, we just watch the games, 3 or 4 down, and enjoy.

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Yes Earl, this guy together with his partner Steven Brunt are famous for CFL bashing.

What the guy should write about that would actually be interesting rather than the decades old CFL vs NFL thing, is a comparison between football and baseball, the differences in entertainment value, types of fans etc. To a lot of people like my wife, when she first started watching football, she didn't even notice any differences between the CFL and NFL in terms of actual football playing until I started pointing out to her rule differences and that. Of course, the stadiums and how big they are there and packed she noticed right away, but even she says to this day "I like football better than baseball or the other sports." She doesn't go around separating Canadian and American football. Even she knows football is blocking, tackling, running, throwing, kicking regardless of how many downs, players on the field, field size etc.

You beat me to it. I was just about to make a post on this article.

And can you beleive this Naylor guy is the Globe's cFL writer?

He's just like the rest. I've emailed him before but won't bother anymore because its a waste of time.

This guy is just another of these American hero worshippers who get caught up in all the hype and hoopla down there.

I say its time we get some Canadians in the CAnadian media. I am sick of these guys whose only objective is to run down everything we do up here.

berezin, these Naylor types are actually hilarious in a way, every time I see another regurgitated article like this one, I say to myself, man, I ain't the brightest guy in the world but I sure am more interesting than a lot of sports writers in Canada. These guys are just plain bad writers and they all love baseball to death, and baseball will drive them to death in the long run.
Yes, there is a lot of hoopla about the Super Bowl but what they, the NFL, is fighting, is competition from baseball, college football. The CFL is so small and has no teams in the States, it's not even on their radar as a competitor really. But Naylor and his buddies seem to think so. I don't get it.

You're right. These guys write the same old same old over and over and over. Even though what they write is ridiculous and has no basis in fact.

I remeber for the Grey Cup Naylor was writing all kinds of negative articles on the CFL. Now that he's at the Super Bowl, its nothing buy flowers?

The NFL is their game. The CFL is our game. Whats the Super Bowl got to do with the CFL in the first place? Sometimes I think they're dislike of Canadian football is an obsession with guys like Naylor and Brunt.

Like I say. We need more CAnadians in the Canadian media!

Yes, more Canadians in the Canadian media who aren't dumb founded people who get all confused over comparing this to that or that to this, who actually can add 1 + 1 and know what the friggin answer is!

I think this time Mr. Naylor may be closer to the truth. You would have to have blinders on to not notice the offensive excitment was down this last year in the CFL. All the things mentioned as to why the scoring was down probably contributed to it. However, the blocking rules are at the head of the list IMO. Not only were most returns called back but with the penalty yardage tacked on, teams were starting in a hole. This was a big advantage to the defenses. DB's are allowed too much clutch and grab on the receivers.
Its time the B of G took some of the rule making away from the GM's and open the game up again.
I would also like to see the ratio rule changed to state that there must be at least three non-imports on the field at all times. This would force the coaches to use at least three Canadians on defense and stop them from stacking the defense with imports. Most teams start eight Canadians for flexibility so this would mean teams would probably have to have four capable of starting on both offense and defense.
Something has to be done if the CFL wants to continue their boast of having the most exciting game.

Earl, These guys get you bent out of shape all the time. You are going to develop an ulcer reading these clowns!

Stop reading them! If you don't buy it or read it they will write something else! (Or maybe get replaced!)

I have never bought, and never will buy the Globe and Mail. Its dull boring and the Sports coverage is below sub par. If I'm given a freebie, I put it where it belongs....lining the bottom of the Budgie cage.

Earl, its like being a choosy consumer, if you don't buy it in the supermarket, the grocery manager will put something different on the shelf. Buy the newspapers that support your views. You'll feel better in the long run!

Thatt's my point DoubleBlue. I see it as antiquated thinking where the CFL and it's fans go around saying "our game is better than the NFL..." blah, blah, blah. For me, football in Canada, not just what we call Canadian football, has come of age where I look at it as football. Not that we can't tweak some rules, that's fine, we can, but some years no matter what the rules are, are going to better than others.
And what I hope the media does is start concentrating on football, starting in the summer when the CFL starts, and put the boring sport of baseball more on the backburner where only one city in Canada has a big league team whereas 8 cities, 9 soon again and then maybe 10 in a few years, will have pretty big time for Canada anyways, CFL teams.
Naylor isn't stating anything in his article that we haven't read a lot before about the CFL/NFL thing. Old stuff and not the bigger story, IMHO anyways. For me it's more about football and football being the no. 1 sport in a lot of Canada spectator wise compared with baseball at least. I think the CFL doesn't get the media attention compared with baseball when it should get more looking at the number of people watching games.

Good words of advice Sportsmen, I agree. Thanks. I do get upset at what I read, peeves me off but have to learn to chill about this, tough though.

How much CFL news is there to write about
between Dec. 1st and Feb. 15, Earl?

So Dave Naylor writes a column giving facts to show that
in 2006 the NFL played more entertaining football than the CFL
which is very unusual according to the history of the 2 leagues.

In my opinion, even though the CFL/NFL stereotype thing
may not be new and interesting to some readers anymore

because they have heard it for years, it doesn't mean that
it won't be an interesting topic for new fans of the CFL
who haven't heard or seen this comparison before.

I suppose so ron but I personally like to think I'm past this. But that's just me and the age old CFL/NFL thing might be more interesting to CFL newcomers, I'll grant you this.

Isn't it sad though how we as Candians have such an inferiority complex and continuosly put down anything Canadian, save and except the NHL.
Having said that, the these Globe writers are a reflection of society here in the self professed Center of the Universe.
And of course, dumping of the CFL is and has been in vogue over the years while praising everything good about the NFL(fill in the blank for other American run leagues).
Typical example, a 13-7 game in the CFL is boring while conversely a same game in the NFL is deemed as a fantastic defensive struggle.

I find it sad that some people, as CFL fans, feel the need to be told by the media that our league is better than the NFL. Some of the people around here are the ones with the inferiority complex.

Whether the CFL is better than the NFL, who knows and really I don't care, I love both and both have great games and stinkers.

But one thing I know is that in the summer and fall when my sports entertainment dollar and my time is limited, CFL provides much more bang for my buck than going to a Blue Jay game, 9.9 times out of 10, and this is based on my personal experience.

CFL fans don't need to be told their league is worthy. Because we already know that.

What we don't like is being told constantly how much it sucks.

I remember when the CFL had all that offense a few years back. The naysayers were blaming lousy defences.

Now that the defences dominated for the most part last year, the naysayers blame the loust offences. Not good defences. What else is new?

Oh well. I guess it was the CFL's turn to take shots from our media. Hockey has taken most of the shots for the past few months. So its the CFL's turn I guess. Then curling will get its hits when it goes into full swing.

Bottom line is there's alot of dummies in our media who have zero respect for CAnadian sports. Dave Naylor is at the head of the class. And we have to get rid of his type.

All Naylor is pointing out is that the entertainment value of the CFL took a hit this year.

Its plain and simple:
This league has survived of its entertainment value... not star power.. celebrity or a propaganda machine... ENTERTAINMENT... face it people, the league lost that while simultaneously, the NFL has imporved.

I understand this is a CFL-fan forum but the bias here is ridiculous. The league needs to fix the game.

I am a a CFL fan first and I admit that the 2006 CFL product was broke and needs fixing.

There's nothing wrong with saying that. Sure we could see a few more positive stories on the league but they will come when the league does positive things. A team in Ottawa.. facilitating the means to place a 10th team out east. Maintaining the quality of the competition through rule tweaks and the actual enforcement of the SMS. If the CFL shows its capable of these things, the good stories will come.

It doesn't make you anti-CFL to tell the truth.

CFL needs fixing? Because of a few bad games last year? Oh please?

And I mean look how much we’ve effed up hockey with all these rule changes. The game sucks.

So we’re going to bastardize the CFL the same way because of a few bad games? Why?

Funny too how nobody mentions changing baseball and basketball? Because people in Canada find those sports truly boring.

Then again I guess because they’re popular American sports, they’re put on a pedestal, eh?

Sadly, how CAnadian that attitude appears to be.

The CFL doesn't need fixing. So maybe there weren't as many close games last year and the punt return game was down and passing down a bit. The ebbs and flows of a league, doesn't mean you go around changing everything because of one year. Sure, some tweaks here and there maybe, and maybe even one biggy rule change, maybe. But they analyse weather on decades of data not just one year of data. Relax, football north of the border is great even if last year, according to some, wasn't the best it's been. And in a year when the NFL has produced some great games. So what.
Again, the NFL isn't our competition I don't think, heck the NFL doesn't start until September anyways and no teams in Canada, in southern Ontario it's baseball that is vying for the fans dollars to go to games. That is the competition here for the most part, especially in the summer, along with cottage and beach going.