Another Missed Field Goal

That 30 yard missed field goal by Pikula likely cost the Leos this game. It would have been 26-25 Leos with 52 secs remaining or tied if Sask had made a two point conversion. I am getting tired of that sad scenario.

No Lions running game, weak defensive coverage on the run and kickoff returns and there you have it. If Joseph had played better in the first three quarters, the Lions wouldn't have even been in the game.

The Leos' defense should have been able to stop that long march in the fourth when BC was up by six. That was really poor defensive execution as far as I'm concerned. Bend and give up a field goal, but don't collapse and give up a touchdown. Grrr.

Now two more receivers go down, and things don't look quite as rosy in week two. Hopefully better results next week.

I said it, we have no running game. I’ve been pissed at Warren since Aug of last year. It’s like the guy doesn’t see where the holes are, and just runs where the play calls for, instead of adjusting as it develops.

and what the f**k was that move that allowed SK to pick off and score that final TD? Warren should be running laps for the next week…non-stop. Maybe that will teach him to catch the ball, instead of throwing it straight up and allowing the other team to pick it off. What a rookie mistake that was. :mad:

Pikula is just a rookie - missed key kick last week but he had a good game punting and his kicking off was not bad - can he keep this up? He’d better or BC’s in trouble quick in CFL West

Lions need McCallum back to do placements - but he can placekick okay and thats it - read it and weep :o hes a weak 36 - doesnt punt or kickoff well when hes full strength -

selling him to Lion fans as being able to do all three? somebody just wasn’t looking

whazzup leos

thought rookie had good game punting

not going to make them all (field goals)

dont blame him for being placed in this position

clubs fault for depending on bloke McCallum

I'll cut the kid some slack....Look how many Boreham missed on Saturday for Hamilton, or How many O'Mahoney missed last year.

I thought Pikula did a great job on Sunday. A rookie and his first complaints from me on that score. Would that missed field goal have made a difference? Probably, but hey, look at Lui in his first year, yet he hit his stride by year 3 and no one EVER looked back.

Good point hw!

I understand that Pikula's a rookie, first game and all. After seeing Duncan miss so many critical field goals, I just can't bear to see any more missed field goals costing the Lions a game, especially 30 yarders, albeit it was from quite an angle.

I certainly have no complaints with his punting and kickoffs, and I think both Pikula and Congi had good games. Pikula may develop into a great kicker as you suggest because, until that missed field goal, I was impressed with his kicking. He appears to have a stronger leg than Congi, but that missed field goal had me thinking of O'Missy. :cry:

Shut up!!!11

I think you should be patient with the kiking.