Another memorable game

as i sit and write this post its not about the dissapointing year the coaches etc. for me yesterday was not about the game it was about gathering one last time at iws with my closest family and freinds to celebrate the life of the greatest stadium in canada.
Some of my hilites were seeing the greats of the past and the hilites of days gone by. In the process we sat in the rain and cold and i wouldnt have traded it for a moment i was where i wanted and needed to be. We took lots of pics laughed and shed some tears.We found a bathroom with a heater that worked and met new freinds.
As i left the gates for the last time i looked back and the old girl was still standing loud and proud. But not for long but my memories of yesterday and years gone by will for ever. It was a very classy day and im proud to all of us who were able to be apart of it.
Lets here others experiances from yesterday