Another McMaster kid wins big (Alex Anthopoulos)

Alex Anthopoulos , the GM of the Atlanta Braves , wins the World Series . You can count on those McMaster grads ! Sadly , he missed the celebration as he tested positive for Covid .
Well he and his family will have the entire off season to celebrate . John Gibbons , the former Blue Jay manager also picks up a World Series ring as a scout for the Braves .

Pat Lynch ( a Mac alum)


I'm happy for AA, I've grown to appreciate what the current Jay's management is doing, but I thought then the Jays made a huge mistake letting AA go.

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:sunglasses: Who really cares ???

I hate the jays as much as I hate the leafs and raptors !!

You so called Hamilton fans that hate the Argos so much, are so 2 faced since you cheer for all the other joke toronto teams !! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

So sad !!

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Wow, Pat. I didn’t know McMaster was around during the Dirt Age! (Another Alum from the Rathskellar dancing on the tables era)

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last I checked we didn't have a NHL, NBA or MLB team in Hamilton.

Can you advise why liking a team that your city doesn't have it sad? I'm genuinely curious, as you seem to feel pretty strongly about it.

So I'm sure you have some good reasons for that.


Leafs…I don’t follow until playoffs (if they’re in) but the Jays and Raptors I consider “Canada’s Team”. Nothing to do with being on T.O. Love them both. I also cheer for the Bills as my local NFL team.
Argos are a rival hence no love lost for them.

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I wonder if they are conflicted about the Toronto Rock playing in Hamilton.

I mean, they are IN Hamilton, but called the Toronto Rock.

Bet that hurts @Tipper 's head. :slight_smile:

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The leafs are the only other Toronto team no one from Hamilton should support.

If you're pissed Hamilton didn't get an NHL team, then your dollars are literally being used to keep teams in places like phoniex. As matter of fact, any money you spend on the NHL is.

My money goes to the LA Kings so I'm good. Former Hamilton Bulldog Arthur Kaliyev scored a nice goal for the Kings last night.

Now if the Cats also win on Friday it'll be a great weekend for me. :grinning:

...and if the (reincarnation of the) RBs beat the Arblows???

And a portion of that is redirected from the kings to Phoenix et al.

You're paying to a keep the NHL out of Hamilton.

I don't know. Maybe a cartwheel or something? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Bettman and his gang won't allow a team in Hamilton no matter what. Balsillie tried and they blocked it. Me not supporting the Kings won't bring us a team here. At least my money doesn't go to the Leafs.

Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the crypt . :laughing: