Another Market Correction?

It would appear Judge and Bladek are not buying into Jones salary policies. With a few days left before training camp things could get interesting. It's hard to say how many of the picks have signed. St. John Part deux?

Bladek is going to sit another year....interesting. Good on Jones, that's one area I agree with him on.

The Market needs to correct about 15%. The Dow is way too high.

Here are what the top CFL picks signed for last season

Taken ------Name ------- Salary---Term--Team
N0. 1 Josiah St. John---- $77,000-- 2+1- Riders
No. 2 Philippe Gagnon-- $72,000-- 2+1 Alouettes
No. 3 Brandon Revenberg $77,000 2+1 Ticats
No. 5 Charles Vaillancourt $74,000 2+1 Lions
No. 7 Jason Lauzon-Seguin $75,000 2+1 Redblacks
No.10 Michael Couture---- $75,000 2+1 Bombers

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Tough to say much w/o knowing what they are actually wanting. You want to see them signed but at the same time you don’t want to be handing out one of the larger rookie contracts ever as the Bombers did this year. I don’t think that what the Bombers paid is too much if he can take legit reps fairly soon but they still paid a premium. Judge may be coming into this wanting stater money (I could see it)…but it is highly unlikely he is a starter in 2017. As for Bladek…pay him and be done with it…I mean unless he is asking something ridiculous. IMO he should be at 75-80k. If he is asking for 100 then I get the problem. If it turns out to be 5k that is holding a player out from camp then Jones needs an arse kicking. My understanding is that about 2/3 of the teams are still negotiating with picks…I could understand because it was a bit of a weird draft and all those OL picks that went in the late 1st/early 2nd normally go earlier so it has potential to cause some off par negotiations. Judge is a guy who went 2nd but was a guy who should have went later (which is why Jones tried trading down) but now Jones is likely thinking he can still hold him to that later pick money…tough…you took him at #2 now pay the man.

SO Winnipeg and Calgary have signed their first round picks, with the exception of the #8 pick who wont play in the CFL.

SO we have 6 other players who have not signed with the 5 teams that have drafted them so far.

Dariusz Bladek? @_DBladek 12m12 minutes ago

I love this s**t ! Grinding everyday for my time in that Green and white . #twoAdays #weightroomlife #technique #footwork #DreamChaser of em sounds optimistic about things getting done.

Those figures are far too low. Even the previous year's draft picks got paid more. How does that happen? Great job CFLPA (again)! First round picks should be getting more than that. Hope someone comes along and boosts the pay for these kids. (even a little bit)

Agreed. Unfortunately the CFL tried doing a bigger boost to the base, but PA members wanted no part of it. I get that it is vets voting it in and that the vets want to reap rewards because it is not like most of them are rolling in cash...but it is still unfortunate.

Pretty sad that because of the Canadian ratio rules they are forced to pay unproven "O" linemen so much money.
Yet in the talent positions a very fast receiver with great hands and moves can come into the league and will be paid $20k less than these guys. Some of these guys will be paid more than the QBs they are trying to protect........... :thdn:

$77k for six-months work? In an industry where the average wage is $92k? You make 40% more than the minimum even though you haven’t worked a day in the company? Sign me up. All I have to do grow 6 inches, put on 100 lbs, go back in time 30 years and actually lift weights.

Riders not having a Rookie Camp

Rod Pedersen?
John Murphy tells CKRM negotiations with top picks are going fine. Disputes any report otherwise. Also, Riders will have no rookie camp

well...Bladek is signed.
This is the con to the pro of starting the season 7-10 days earlier...a couple weeks is not a lot of time to negotiate and get a player to camp. Not the only team cutting it close...which is a shame. It would be nice if the NFL and CFL could work together and potentially move the NFL draft up a bit. I can't see that the NFL would be opposed to helping the CFL out if they can.

Nate Behar still hasn't signed with the Eskimos. Our first round pick.

And he is repped by Hardaway no?

Judge apparently has a deal in place but there is no panic because he is not done finals until the 16th of June

Jump to conclusions much? Lol, no ridiculous bias from you eh?

Not a clue, but I don't appreciate the kid thinking he's worth anymore than anyone drafted above him. Too big an ego from collage ball. He's done nothing until he's done it in the pros, and there he is unproven. Better be the second coming of Nate Coehoorn or Derel Walker at this point.