Another Loss for the Leo's!!!

Good try last night Lion’s Fans but your team ran out of gas last night in Tiger-Town but very close game 35-34 in the come back win for the Tiger-Cats.

I don’t understand it? Your team on paper is stacked with talent, you have the highest paid QB in the CFL in Mike Reilly, plus Brian Burnham, Duron Carter, John White and so on and only 1 win and 7 loses pretty bad?

We will see you in the rematch in two weeks time at BC Place on Sat Aug 24th @ 7:00pm and we will see if we can make it 2-0 against your Lions team!

GO CATS GO (The Real Cats)!!!

Definite signs of progress in that Lions were in this game. They will turn the corner. Just not in time to salvage the year I am afraid.

We have alot of great players…that cant play as a team to save there own lives… yet, how ever the ticats are a great team and seeing Hamilton have a good defense brings back tradition, tiger town has always been know for a there defence, but that’s a steel city for yeah, how ever the lions have gotten better, with lemon coming on bored I hope all the best, we need the defense to step up in the fourth quarter and we can see some wins hopfully this season!!!

I was at the game in Hamilton. I can say Lions did not look or peeform like a last place team.
(In fact for quarters 2 & 3, Hamilton looked like it was the early 2000s all over again)
Lions just got to get a few things tightened up.
When teams have seasons like this the real fans show up to the games - heck I would just go to watch Rielly - he is the toughest Qb in the league.

In two weeks, Lions will win.